Moving to San Francisco? Worried about where to go for your pet’s grooming needs? Relax, we’ve compiled a list of the best choices for dog grooming in SF.

terrier puppy being groomed

San Francisco is an amazingly exciting city to live in. It truly has something for everyone, from great food to brilliant entertainment. Of course, all of this comes at a price because the City by the Bay is one of the most expensive in the US.

If you are a pet owner, though, SF might pose a bit of a challenge. While you don’t have to worry about dog parks or dog grooming in San Francisco, pet-friendly housing is another story.

As a tenant, finding and securing a great apartment for you and your pet will require a lot of patience.

Above all, San Francisco’s real estate market is highly competitive, mainly due to the tech scene. The reason is that a large number of well-paid tech workers have moved to the city. This has driven rents upward because the supply of housing can’t keep up with the demand.

That’s why landlords can be picky when renting out their properties.

All in all, many landlords prefer to avoid pet owners because of the potential headaches.

So, an apartment might be advertised as pet-friendly, but will still go to someone who doesn’t own a pet.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

The fastest and most effective solution is to turn to a company like Blueground. They offer beautifully decorated apartments that are fully equipped and completely furnished. Located in some of the best areas in San Francisco, many of these properties are pet-friendly.

More importantly, Blueground will never discriminate against you because you have a pet.

In fact, they make it easy for you to find exactly what you need. Just go to the San Francisco listings page and apply the ‘Pets Allowed’ filter. You’ll find a selection of beautiful homes where both you and your pet can be happy.

Now that you’ve secured a great apartment, let’s look at some excellent services for dog grooming in San Francisco.


1. Alpha Grooming Pet Salon

The Alpha Grooming Pet Salon is a mobile service for dog grooming in San Francisco. They provide their services in most neighborhoods in San Francisco and offer various packages. You can choose between the bathing package, the grooming package, and the VIP package.

All the options include double bathing, de-matting, brushing and blow-drying, nail trimming, and ear clipping. They’ll even handle anal gland expression if necessary.

dog grooming sf cute dog getting its paws shaved

With the grooming package, your pooch will also get a trim and have his paws and private areas shaved. The VIP package adds a stylish haircut, a bandana, and cologne.

Alpha Grooming Pet Salon also handles cat grooming. Customers love this service for dog grooming in San Francisco because they are affordable and convenient.


2. Coiffure Dog Grooming

If you have a small pooch with a bit of an anxious disposition, then Coiffure Dog Grooming is perfect for you. This service specializes in dogs that weigh 25 pounds or less. They provide a relaxing environment where they groom dogs one at a time.

Coiffure Dog Grooming offers grooming for double, curly, and flat-coated pooches, plus bathing for all dogs, regardless of the coat.

Also, they provide nail trimming and grinding, ear cleaning, hand drying, trimming for private areas, paws, and more. Small pet owners love this service for dog grooming in San Francisco because of their patience and efficiency.


3. Doggie Day Spaw

Besides having an awesome name, Doggie Day Spaw also offers outstanding services.

If you want your pooch to look and feel like a million bucks, this is the place to go. They offer everything from a quick bath and dry to complete grooming services.

Also, this includes microbubble treatments, hot oil treatments, mud treatments, tooth brushing, and more.

dog grooming sf big dog having a bath

By the time Doggie Day Spaw is done with your pooch, you’ll be inspired to enjoy a spa day yourself. Pet owners love Doggie Day Spaw because of the amazing way they treat pooches.

The friendly environment and reasonable prices don’t hurt either.


4. K9 Spa

K9 Spa is another great service for dog grooming in San Francisco. They take pride in providing personalized care for every pooch that crosses their threshold.

Therefore, they’ll take the time to really talk to you and understand exactly what your furry best friend needs.

When you take your pooch to the K9 Spa, you can opt for the fresh basic bath package or the fluffy all-over full grooming package.

The first includes a bath, a sanitary trim, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and gland expression if required.

And the second package adds a stylish trim.


5. Kent’s Kanines

If you want your pooch to get the spa treatment without leaving your home, then Kent’s Kanines is for you. Deborah Kent, the owner, will come to your home and provide complete services for dog grooming in San Francisco.

Her services include a bath and massage, nail trimming, ear cleaning, dematting, combing, blow-drying, and brushing. She’ll even give your pooch a stylish haircut if you like.

Above all, customers love Deborah because she is knowledgeable, punctual, and highly professional.


6. Planet Pooch

Planet Pooch is located in Redwood City and offers much more than dog grooming in San Francisco. They provide daycare, training, and sleepover services as well. Their dog grooming service includes two baths, drying by hand, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.

They’ll also handle gland expression if necessary.

The Planet Pooch team also monitors your dog’s skin and coat. This way, they can make sure they are using the right shampoo and conditioner for the best results.


7. Russian Hill Dog Grooming

Russian Hill Dog Grooming has been grooming pooches in San Francisco for more than 21 years. The team is comprised of Nationally Certified Master Groomers, who are also Companion Animal Hygienists.

So your pooch can get just a bath, or a bath and a haircut.

dog grooming sf dog getting its coat trimmed

The bathing service includes brushing and dematting, the use of hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, nail trimming, and air drying by hand.

They’ll also clean your pooch’s ears and pluck out any stray hairs if necessary. Your pooch will also have his feet pads shaved and the hair around his private parts trimmed.

Finally, anal gland expression will also be performed if required.

So if your pooch needs a haircut, you can be certain the result will be very stylish and very cute.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

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