There’s always a lot going on in Washington, D.C., which shouldn’t be surprising seeing as it’s the capital of the nation. It’s why many find moving here so exciting.

What you might not realize is that there are plenty of places for you to take your pooch to have a little fun and let off some steam. Dog parks in D.C. are plentiful, but life will be much easier if you can find a place to live that’s close to one of these great dog parks.

Thankfully, finding pet-friendly apartments in D.C. is not too difficult thanks to companies like Blueground. This company offers apartments for rent in some great locations in the capital. The properties are all beautifully decorated, completely furnished, and fully equipped.

To find one that’s suitable for you and your pooch, simply use the Pets Allowed filter on their listing page.

Now that you know how to find a pet-friendly apartment, let’s take a look at some of the best dog parks in D.C. where both you and your pooch can have a lot of fun.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.


1. Langdon Dog Park

Nearest intersection: Rhode Island Ave NE & South Dakota Ave NE in Langdon

This spacious dog park is lined with gravel and completely fenced in. It features separate areas for small and large dogs and has been thoughtfully designed.

Poop bags are available, along with plenty of trash cans, so you can easily clean up after your dog and help to keep the park clean.

There are also plenty of water fountains to keep your pooch hydrated while frolicking with his new-found friends.


2. Bundy Dog Park

Nearest intersection: Rhode Island Ave NW & 6th St NW in Shaw

Using the term park for this doggy area might be overstating things a little as it’s basically just a long, rectangular patch of ground that’s been fenced off.

However, it’s one of the more popular dog parks in D.C. because the ground is covered with turf, helping to keep dogs clean, especially when it’s raining out.

The length of Bundy Dog Park makes it ideal for high-energy dogs, and it’s also an excellent space in which to play fetch. Poop bags are available, but there are no water fountains.

Thus, make sure you bring some water for your pooch.


3. Shaw Dog Park

Nearest intersection: Rhode Island Ave NW & 11th St NW in Shaw

One of the largest dog parks in D.C., Shaw Dog Park is lined with gravel and has two enclosures, one for large dogs and one for small dogs.

Above all, the area for smaller dogs even has a tent so you can protect your pooch during the hot summer months.

a Golden Retriever chasing after a ball

Water fountains are available, along with lots of bags and trash cans to keep the park clean. Trees and benches make this park inviting for owners too.

The park also features lights, which means that you can take your pooch out for a bit of fun in the evenings.


4. Newark Street Dog Park

Nearest intersection: Wisconsin Ave & Idaho Ave NW in Cathedral Heights

This is one of the dog parks in D.C. where you can keep your children and your dog happy, which means happy parents and owners alike.

This Cathedral Heights green space benefits from separate areas for small and large dogs to play, but also a Children’s Garden nearby.

The dog park offers water fountains for people, along with water bowls for dogs.

There are also benches where you can relax while Fido makes friends. The Children’s Garden features a picnic table, gardening equipment for kids, and learning sessions every month.


5. Stanton Park

Nearest intersection: Maryland Ave NE & Constitution Ave NW & Massachusetts Ave NE in Capitol Hill

Another one of the family-friendly dog parks in D.C., Stanton Park is a great place to take your entire family.

There is not only a loosely enclosed space where dogs can socialize and get some exercise but also fenced-in playgrounds for children. Lots of benches are available so you can relax while the more energetic members of your family have some fun.


6. S Street Dog Park

Nearest intersection: 16th St NW & S St NW in Dupont Circle

This is one of the more well-equipped dog parks in D.C., which makes it very popular. The ground is lined with Astroturf, which means that your pup will be much cleaner after his romp in the park. Wading pools are available for dogs during the summer, which makes the turf an even better idea. There are also quite a few trees that shade the many benches.

So, you will be able to take a breather while your dog has some fun.


7. Glencarlyn Park

Nearest intersection: Arlington Blvd & S Carlin Springs Rd in Glencarlyn, Arlington

If your dog is attracted to water like a magnet, then this is one of the best dog parks in D.C. for him. It features a stream, along with a large waterfall, so your pooch will have a blast getting wet. It’s also a great place for you can enjoy nature. There’s even a small playground for children.

Remember, though, that the park is not enclosed.

So, make sure that your pooch is excellent at obeying your commands.


8. Shirlington Dog Park

Nearest intersection: S Arlington Mill Dr & S Walter Reed Dr in Shirlington, Arlington

One of the largest dog parks in D.C., Shirlington Dog Park is the length of a few football fields. It’s a great place to socialize puppies as there’s a specific enclosure for them.

Of course, there’s also an area for adult dogs with lots of poop bags and garbage cans to keep things clean.

dog with a stick in his mouth playing in a pond

It’s also a great park for dogs who love the water because it features a stream where they can play. There’s even a self-wash station close by to clean off your pooch after he spent time splashing around in the water.

When your dog has had enough, you can take a quick break at the New District Brewing Company next door, which is open to dogs on Wednesdays and Sundays.


9. Swampoodle Dog Park

Nearest intersection: 3rd St NE & L St NE in NoMa

This park features lots of space for your pooch to run around and play. The whole park is covered in turf and also features some fun obstacles for your pooch to play on.

A beautiful and clean park, it also has areas for children and adults. It’s definitely one of the more popular dog parks in D.C. and the place where the entire family can have a lot of fun.


10. Montrose Park

Nearest intersection: R St NW & Avon Pl NW in Georgetown

Montrose isn’t specifically a dog park, but dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash.

However, it’s a great spot to get away from the concrete of the city.

It’s also great for the entire family because it has a playground for children, picnic areas, tennis courts, and short trails. It definitely provides a lot of fun for everyone in the family, regardless of their level of energy.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

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