Making the big move to New York is so exciting! It is one of the best cities in the world, and it has so much to offer. From incredible entertainment and wonderful people to amazing restaurants and great shopping, there’s always something to do.

Despite being a concrete jungle, it also has plenty to offer for your pooch. The parks in NYC are absolutely brilliant. If one thing’s certain, it’s that New Yorkers really know how to make dogs happy. Regardless of where you live in New York, you’ll likely find an amazing space for your dog within walking distance. Read on for some of the best dog parks in NYC that both you and Fido will adore.


Sirius Dog Run (Battery Park City, Manhattan)

Nearest intersection: South End Ave & Liberty St in Battery Park City

Sirius Dog Run was built to honor a service dog who bravely gave his life during the rescue efforts of 9/11. Located on the Hudson River, this is one of the more popular dog parks in NYC due to all its great amenities.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Dogs can run around off-leash, and the space is large enough to easily accommodate bigger breeds. The space is paved with asphalt, so your pooch won’t be covered in mud after playtime. You can relax in the shaded seating areas while your beloved pet makes friends. It’s also a great space for him to cool down when he needs a break.

Another awesome attraction is the doggie wading pool. The pool is on a timer, so it drains and refills with fresh water on a set cycle, making it safe for your pooch.


Central Park

Nearest intersection: Central Park West & 86th Street Transverse in Manhattan

People all over the world have probably heard of Central Park, even if they’ve never been to the United States. It is featured in so many movies and shows, that even if people don’t know its name, they’ve still glimpsed at least an image of this beautiful park.

a small dog on a leash in Central Park

However, it’s not a park that’s just for humans, because it has numerous spaces for dogs too. In fact, Central Park has 23 areas dedicated to dogs where you can let Rover off his leash for some fun. Furthermore, between 9 PM and 9 AM, your dog can run around freely with other pooches and play in any of the 13 doggie fountains.


Little Bay Park Dog Run (Bayside, Queens)

Nearest intersection: Cross Island Pkwy & Clearview Expy in Bayside

Little Bay Park Dog Run features terrain that’s partially covered in sand, helping to give your pooch a serious workout. It also has a water fountain specifically for dogs and different areas for smaller and larger pooches. There’s also plenty of seating, as well as ample parking. Many will probably find the latter far more impressive for New York City, even though this amazing park is stunning and has lots of doggie amenities.


Rockaway Freeway Dog Park (Far Rockaway, Queens)

Nearest intersection: Beach Channel Dr & Beach 84th St in Hammels

This park is one of the largest dog parks in NYC at approximately 2.25 acres. It features separate enclosed areas so dogs of similar sizes can mingle with each other, but also a playground where your pooch can test his agility.

It has grassy terrain with a paved walking track. Dogs have access to water when they’re parched. There are plenty of benches for you to sit and relax while your pooch plays with his friends, and the baggies provided make it easy to keep the space clean.


Tompkins Square Dog Run (Alphabet City, Manhattan)

Nearest intersection: E 10th St & Avenue A in Alphabet City

If you’ve ever wanted to show off how cute your pooch looks dressed up in a fancy costume, then you’re going to love Tompkins Square Dog Run. This park is famous for hosting an annual Halloween Dog Parade that attracts hundreds of dogs in costume and an audience of thousands.

small dog dressed up in a caterpillar as a Halloween costume

Tompkins is lovely at any time of the year, though. It has picnic tables, lots of benches, and trees that provide much-needed shade. It also features a running surface made from decomposed granite sand, which is very gentle on doggie paws. Bathing areas are also available so you can wash your pooch down before heading home. Other amenities include three dog pools and separate runs for small and large animals.


Long Meadow and Dog Beach (Prospect Park, Brooklyn)

Nearest intersection: Prospect Park West & Prospect Park Southwest in Brooklyn

If your pooch loves water so much that you have difficulty getting him out of the bath, and every time he sees a puddle, he jumps right into it, then the dog areas in Prospect Park are perfect. During the off-leash hours at Long Meadow (5 AM – 9 AM and 9 PM to 1 AM), you can let your pooch splash around at Dog Beach.

These dog spaces were renovated in 2016, when fencing, stone slabs, and benches were added. This way, pet owners can relax and watch their pooches have fun without worrying about them running away.


Hillside Dog Park (Brooklyn)

Nearest intersection: Vine St & Columbia Heights in Brooklyn Heights

Another one of the larger dog parks in NYC at more than 2 acres, this park is really popular among the locals. It has something for everyone, dog and human alike, regardless of age.

The park is surrounded by a fence and includes a wooded area where curious dogs can explore to their heart’s content. Small dogs have space all to themselves so they can have fun without being hassled by the bigger dogs. In addition, watering holes are available for both dogs and their owners.


Madison Square Dog Park Run (Gramercy, Manhattan)

Nearest intersection: E 26th St & 5th Ave in Gramercy

This park was named the best dog park in New York City in 2015. Though not as large as some of the others, it’s incredibly charming. Space is dotted with beautiful trees that provide shade. The entrances are double-gated to make sure that distracted pooches don’t dash away. Drinking taps are available for thirsty doggies. They can even have a snack thanks to the Shake Shack nearby which makes a special dog-friendly custard that includes a little peanut butter and Shackburger biscuits.

Finding a pet-friendly apartment in the vicinity of any of these parks might be a bit of a challenge. However, you can turn to a company like Blueground that rents apartments in some of the best neighborhoods of New York. The apartments are beautifully decorated, completely furnished, and fully equipped, which will make your move far less stressful.

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