Owning a pet comes with a multitude of responsibilities. If you’re a dog owner considering to move to a big city, there are even more factors to think of in order to keep and maintain a happy and healthy dog. Pet-friendliness is surely a big part of what you are looking for in a new town. Even if you are successful in achieving the challenge of finding a landlord who allows dogs, you’ll need to find things to do with your pup in the city. Activities that make for a fun outing with your pooch might include local dog parks, walking trails, events, or even dog beaches. Finding a neighborhood that boasts even one of these features is hard to find but not impossible.


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You want nothing but the best for your four-legged companion. This means giving your pet a home that both of you can live comfortably in. Blueground services fully furnished apartments in ideal locations in some of the biggest U.S. business hubs. The best part is that they rent out pet-friendly apartments. All you have to do it enable the ‘Pets Allowed’ filter on the Blueground website and find the right apartment for you.


The Best Dog Parks in NYCfive dogs playing on the grass in a park in NYC

Finding a place for your beloved friend to run around and play in the concrete jungle isn’t as difficult as you might think. The Big Apple is home to several off-leash dog parks where your pooch can take get out of your cramped pad. Following NYC’s over the top lifestyle, some of the parks even host annual dress-up events. This gives your pup the opportunity to show if its best looks.


The Best Dog Parks in L.A.lady sitting on a bench with her dog

Los Angeles weather is not only good for your wellbeing but for your dog’s, too. If you’re in search of a great dog park in your neighborhood so your pup can play and socialize, look no further. From parks with celebrity dog sightings to parks with artsy decor, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog parks in L.A. and all the details you need to plan a visit.


The Best Dog Parks in San Franciscoa french bulldog playing with a beagle puppy in a park

In a city where dogs outnumber children, it is only natural that there would be an array of places for your canine companion to run wild. In San Francisco, dog-friendly parks are not synonymous with a patch of dusty earth confined within a depressing fence. Instead, the Bay Area consists of a grassy oasis. This is where you’ll see an abundance of dogs joyfully zooming across the field.


The Best Dog Parks in Bostona bulldog running with a wooden stick in its mouth

Sometimes, even city pups need a place to stretch their legs and sniff around. If you’re looking for a place to hang where your pup pal can roam free, here are a few of Boston’s best dog parks. Many people love them not only for a relaxed attitude toward leashes. But also for their implementation of fun activities such as obstacles and fountains.


The Best Dog Parks in D.C.a Pointer dog lying on the ground in front of Lincoln Memorial

Life can be tough for a canine living in the capital city. Fortunately, the D.C. area offers several dog parks that allow pooches to make friends, run around on lush green grass, or cool down with a splash. Here are a few of the many places that welcome and cater especially to canines and their loving owners.


The Best Dog Parks in Chicagoa Siberian Husky looking at Chicago skyline in winter

If city-dwelling dog owners know one thing, it’s that there are few things in life a dog loves more than running off-leash with his canine comrades. Pups go absolutely crazy for off-leash playtime. Luckily, Chicago has no shortage of dedicated dog parks to give urban canines a chance to make friends, exercise, and play.

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