Boston is known for many impressive things, including Ivy League schools and die-hard sports fans. However, something that many people may not know about Boston is that it also has a thriving LGBTQ community

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Since Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, it should come as no surprise that Boston is a city that is proud to support its queer citizens. For anyone who is interested in visiting or moving to one of the best gay neighborhoods in Boston, here are three areas that are not to be missed. 

South End

Ask anyone to direct you to one of the best gay areas in Boston and they will almost all certainly say the South End. This neighborhood has gone through a ton of transitions since its establishment in the 1850s. It has most recently settled into a modern urban setting. Now it is home to a diverse population, which includes a large portion of LGBTQ residents. Nestled in between Back Bay, Chinatown, and Roxbury, this close-knit community is filled with old Victorian houses and a large number of green spaces

Events in South End

If you are interested in attending exciting gay events, look no further than the Pride Lights. They are in South End at Blackstone Square Park. This event features a majestic collection of lights, along with musical performances and moving speeches. 

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Every March, this neighborhood also hosts the Taste of the South End event. It demonstrates some of the most delicious culinary creations from all across the South End. The best part is that all of the proceeds go to AIDS Action.

Places to visit in South End

Above all else, South End is celebrated for its outstanding collection of restaurants. For upscale and critically acclaimed meals, visit B&G Oysters, Coppa, Toro, and much more. If you’re in the mood for a meal with more character, South End also offers the likes of Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe, which has a long history of being very inclusive of all patrons. There is a collection of gay bars located within the community, which is a big part of what makes it one of the best gay neighborhoods in Boston. The most notable ones are Club Cafe and The Eagle. 


As recently as 20 years ago, Fenway-Kenmore was known for one thing and one thing only, Fenway Park. Therefore, the area was always full of thousands of passionate Red Sox fans. Within the last several years though, the neighborhood has undergone some major transformations. It has now become one of the best gay neighborhoods in Boston. While Fenway Park is still a major aspect of this neighborhood, the rest is becoming more updated to suit a variety of lifestyles. 

Events in Fenway-Kenmore

For over a week starting at the end of March, residents of Fenway-Kenmore can experience some of the best new LGBT films as part of the Boston LGBT Film Festival. Screenings occur in numerous locations throughout Boston, although the center of it all is the Museum of Fine Arts.

Places to visit in Fenway-Kenmore

From Charlesgate West to Huntington Avenue, there are a lot of places to visit in Fenway-Kenmore. One of the most obvious is Fenway Park, where visitors and residents can catch a Red Sox game. There is also the previously mentioned Museum of Fine Arts, which is one of Boston’s greatest museums and provides a huge variety of pieces to marvel at. 

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When you get hungry, simply head to one of the many casual restaurants, which are helping to make one of the best gay areas in Boston. Places like Saloniki, Cava, and Honeygrow, are transitioning the food focus of Fenway-Kenmore from just simple hot dogs and sandwiches to much more diverse and healthy options.

Back Bay

This iconic Boston neighborhood has come a long way from its swamp roots of the 1820s. Developed as a direct response to overcrowding, this neighborhood soon became the go-to destination for Boston’s most elegant and wealthy families. Almost 100 years later, Back Bay is still maintaining the same level of elegance. However, it now is home to a significant portion of the city’s LGBTQ community.

Places to visit in Back Bay

Almost any location in Boston is quite easy for the residents of Back Bay to visit thanks to its ideal location. There is little reason to stray far from home though, due to the many iconic places. One example is the historic Boston Public Library, which houses an astonishing collection of literary works. Of course, no day in Back Bay is complete without some shopping at one of the numerous stores on Newbury and Boylston Streets. 

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