The U.S. has been home to many of the great musical movements of the past two centuries. It’s the home of the blues, brought jazz to the world, gave rise to rock ‘n’ roll, and boasted hip-hop. It’s a land where music has endless possibilities, and as you move through the country, it’s something you can feel everywhere. And although there’s music all over the country, some major U.S. cities have become synonymous with their music.

Since you pretty much never go anywhere anymore without headphones blasting music into your ears, a city’s music scene ranks pretty high up. Some cities birth entire musical genres and artists, while others act like magnets that attract universal acts from across the nation. If you’re a young musician on the lookout for inspiration or an avid fan of live music, these are all places you just can’t miss. Pack your bags, and visit these local acts, historic venues, and explosive festivals to get a taste of some of the best live tunes.

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Live Music Venues in NYC

live music nyc friends at concert selfie

Picking the best live music venue in New York City is an impossible task. Among hundreds of bars with stages and open mics, DIY spaces, and venues, the options seem endless. Whether you like big, expensive arena shows, chasing cheap underground artists, or value the price of beer, there’s something for everyone. Fortunately, NYC is a must-stop destination for even the smallest tours, so you’ll always find a concert somewhere around the city, even if it’s a Tuesday night.


Live Music Venues in L.A.

live music los angeles crowd concert

Los Angeles’s music scene is extremely diverse. It is one of the most legendary music scenes in the country, to say the least, a daunting and dizzying beast. But on any given night, finding something to satisfy all kinds of musical tastes is easy because this city is at the center of the entertainment industry. Every day numerous national and international acts are drawn here. From acoustic rock at The Troubadour to large-scale music festivals, L.A. has got it all.


Live Music Venues in San Francisco

live music in San Francisco top of the golden gate bridge at night with city light in the backdrop

San Francisco has a rich musical history, especially since the city gave birth to psychedelic rock in the ’60s. Because of these roots, the city is filled with numerous venues and events that make the locals proud. The sounds of the City by the Bay are as eclectic as the restaurants and the neighborhoods. Here are some of the best live music venues in SF to get the most out of the thriving music scene.


Live Music Venues in Boston

live music in boston someone playing an electric guitar

Drinking is great, but drinking while listening to live music is better. No matter what artists or genres tickle your fancy, Boston is jam-packed with live music venues, like The Middle East and Paradise Rock Club, that will be sure to put you in the mood to move your hips. In each venue, you’ll find a variety of musical styles, one of which is sure to please your personal taste. With so many options, you’re bound to find the vibe, style and setting that you desire.


Live Music Venues in D.C.

live music D.C. concert crowd scene

When it comes to D.C.’s music scene, the landscape is as diverse as the city itself. Several cutting-edge music venues have opened up in the last decade or so. They are all playing their part to help cement the capital city as a definite tour stop for bands of all kinds. Grab some friends and check out some shows at these live music venues in D.C. to get a taste of the versatile scene.


Live Music Venues in Chicago

Blues band performing a concert

Chicago’s vibrant music scene continues to drive trends worldwide and is credited by many as the birthplace of house music. With that kind of resume, it’s no surprise that Chicago is one of the greatest places in the U.S. to catch an epic concert. The city’s bars, stages and other live music venues are constantly crowded by musicians and intrigued fans who want to pay homage to the old and seek out the new in places like The Green Mill or Symphony Center.

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