Many people hesitate before visiting a museum because they tend to dismiss them as boring. Those who visit do so for several reasons, those being personal, educational, or societal. Either way, museums have a way of broadening horizons and the experience can be extremely enlightening. This is especially the case if you find a museum that exhibits content of particular interest to you.

Museums strive to convert their visitors into members. But they also know that the expense of museum membership can often be off-putting and that discounts on gift shops or member lunches can feel outdated and stale. For this reason, member benefits are used to sweeten the deal. They do so by making membership programs with awesome perks! From overnight sleepovers to tours guided by experts, the sense of community and exclusivity is priceless. Check out our favorite museum memberships in major U.S. cities and discover what each one offers.

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Best Museum Memberships in NYC

museum membership NYC inside The Guggenheim

New York City is filled with tons of museums just vying for your attention. In fact, some of the best in the world. It’s hard to suss out which of them all are the best, which is why looking at their membership offerings helps narrow down your options. The Met, Guggenheim, and MCNY are just a few of our favorites not only because of their unique exhibitions but also because of their membership value.


Best Museum Memberships in L.A.

Urban Light art installation at LACMA museum in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a thriving art scene which is arguably one of the most exciting in the country. The city is bursting with talented artists, interesting museums, and award-winning architectural designs. No matter what type of art you’re into, or if you’re interested in other topics like science or history, there will most likely be a museum dedicated to it. Many are free of charge, so you don’t have an excuse to not get cultured. Many of them also have memberships that come with advantages that will maximize what you can see and do.


Best Museum Memberships in San Francisco

view of large 3D mural and blue sky in San Francisco

Whether you’re an art fanatic, are curious to explore ancient artifacts, or love conducting science experiments, you’re guaranteed to find a museum in San Francisco that will take your breath away. The city’s eclectic and massive collection of cultural institutions encompasses all ages. That’s why it’s worth checking out the memberships SFMOMA, Asian Art Museum, and California Academy of Sciences offer. There’s just so much to learn!


Best Museum Memberships in Boston

Boston skyline at sunset

If you’re looking to learn a thing or two during the next long stretch of winter, then you should consider checking out one of Boston’s many museums. This cultural hub doesn’t fail to impress when it comes to its selection of science, art, and even children’s museums. You can take advantage of their many perks by buying a membership that suits your interests. After all, being surrounded by so much culture is much more interesting than staying in at home!


Best Museum Memberships in D.C.

Museum memberships in D.C. museum installation D.C. black and white

D.C. is a paradise for avid museum-goers. The Smithsonian Institution and its many free museums alone are more than any tourist or local could explore in a day. There are hours worth of displays on art, nature, astronomy, and much more. Proximity to culture and history is one of the most intriguing aspects of this capital city. In order to really indulge in what D.C. has to offer, it’s worth having a membership that will grant you easy access to all of the best museums.


Best Museum Memberships in Chicago

Museum memberships in Chicago exterior of the art institute of chicago

One of the coolest things about Chicago is that you can experience the whole world within its city limits. This is due to the many museums located here. Between the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Shedd Aquarium, it can get overwhelming trying to hit up all of them. Fortunately, they offer some incredible memberships that include benefits so you can get the most bang for your buck.

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