There are plenty of reasons to staycation. Perhaps you don’t have the budget for that week-long trip to Cabo, or maybe you’re just in desperate need of some R&R and can’t afford to take time off work. Either way, don’t despair!

You’ve got vacation opportunities right outside your door.

Looking for exceptional art, want to get your body moving, craving good food indulgence or just feel like being a tourist for a day?

There’s something in this city for you. Shut your laptop and start relaxing, because you’re having a staycation in Seattle.


For the artist

Well, you couldn’t get to the Louvre this year. So what? There are plenty of art-centric experiences in Seattle that are sure to inspire and delight.


Spend your day browsing the diverse collections of art and sculpture at the SAM, which encompasses the Seattle Art Museum. It’s located downtown and consists of rotating exhibitions as well as global art collections and installations. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. The SAM also includes the Asian Art Museum, nestled in Volunteer Park, which highlights a wonderful collection of Asian art and history of the Pacific Northwest, and the Olympic Sculpture Park on the waterfront. 

Frye Art Museum

This free museum, located in the neighborhood First Hill, features a richly diverse array of contemporary exhibits and collections by local and international artists, as well as talks and tours. Check out their website for current shows and events.

Chihuly Gardens And Glass

Dale Chihuly was born and raised just south of Seattle in Tacoma and is the artist and visionary behind this exceptional display of glass work at the Seattle Center.

A large dome shaped glass building with a modern art yellow and red sculpture in front

Immerse yourself in this striking medium by browsing the galleries, glasshouse, and garden. 

Seattle Japanese Gardens

You’ll be hard-pressed to find this sanctuary anything but artistic. The 3.5 acres of mindfully created gardens nestled in the Washington Park Arboretum are enjoyable in any weather and any season. The grounds pay homage to the traditional gardens of Japan and are a great place to unwind and enjoy the serenity.


For the active enthusiast

A staycation does not have to mean staying put. There are plenty of fun and active adventures around the city to break a sweat and get your blood pumping.

West Point Lighthouse

Grab some sneakers and make your way to Discovery Park, which is the largest park in the city, located in Magnolia. Once there, take a walking trail up to the scenic West Point Lighthouse overlooking the Puget Sound. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the whitecaps on the Olympic Mountains before moseying back through sand dunes, meadows and forest groves. This is a great opportunity to escape the chaos of the city without having to actually leave.

Day Spa

Nothing says vacation like a day at the spa. For the ladies, Ladywell Spa offers a woman-only spa experience, complete with sauna, steam room, and hydrotherapy, in addition to the usual offerings, like massages and body scrubs. 

man with dark brown hair an beard wearing a white robe is laying down with his eyes closed feeling relaxed next to a woman who is wearing a white robe and smiling. They are in a spa

For a co-ed experience, Banya 5 is a bathhouse drawing inspiration from the hamam traditions of Turkey, Russia, Japan, and Finland. You can elect to spend your day of rejuvenation in their hydrotherapy experience, or book a massage and bring your relaxation to a whole new level.

Alki Beach

The closest thing you’re going to get to the beach in Seattle. Rent bicycles carts and rollerblades, or, for the more adventurous, hop in a kayak and paddle around the beautiful Elliott Bay. With any luck, you’ll get a glimpse of a playful harbor seal.


This is Seattle after all, so the odds are it may be rainy or overcast at some point during your staycation. However, that doesn’t have to put a damper on the day. For an activity that’s both fun and challenging head to an indoor bouldering gym in the city, like Seattle Boulder Project or Momentum SODO. There are no ropes or harnesses, but you’ll still get a forearm workout like you never imagined!


For the hedonist

Was it really a vacation if you didn’t consume an obscene amount of food and drink? This is your staycation, so it’s your choice. For you, that may mean eating five bowls of ice cream and calling it a day, but for those looking to diversify, Seattle offers endless opportunities to consume indulgently.


You may be fooled into feeling abroad after visiting any number of these unusual establishments.

  • Be carried away to France at The Georgian, a luxuriously decorated dining room featuring high-tea and an immense chandelier
  • Marinate in all things Italy at Altura and be blown away by their seasonally-inspired menu (just don’t look too hard at the check)
  • Transport yourself to another space and time with the excitement of cabaret, trapeze, tarot and an all-around good time at The Pink Door
  • Live the Roald Dahl dream and visit Theo’s chocolate factory in Fremont


Pick your poison. Whatever wets your whistle, Seattle’s got it.

  • Washington grapes are good grapes. Take this staycation opportunity to appreciate what this great state has to offer. Get your tasting on at Elsom Cellars, Bartholemew Winery, or Kerloo Cellars in SODO.  
  • Seattle is home to dozens of breweries, a fact you’re probably all too familiar with by now. A flight of multicolored beers sits in a wooden holder on a wooden table at a breweryIf beers are your thing, why not take a tour of one of your favorite breweries and get to know the stuff a bit better?

Pike Brewing Company and Georgetown Brewing are a great place to start your educational experience.

Into the harder stuff?

Check out Westland, Copperworks and 3 Howls Distillery for visits and tours.


For the quintessentialist

Now’s your chance to do all those kitschy things you’d do as a tourist on holiday, but this time in your own city!

Underground Tour

Did you know Seattle was rebuilt on top of itself after the Great Fire of 1889? Learn more fun facts to wow your friends (and strangers) as you peruse the subterranean city on this historic and amusing tour.

Pike Place Market

Always swarming with tourists, but you’re one today, remember?  Dig out your polaroid camera and join the masses at this Seattle landmark, where you can meander through the craft and food market, buy some flowers, and even stand in line at the original Starbucks (although you swore you never would, now you’ve finally got the chance).

The Great Wheel

Another photo op you shouldn’t resist.

A large white ferris wheel in Seattle near the waterfront. There are old buildings all around and the Space Needle can be seen sticking out against the thick layer of white clouds

Tickets are $15 and the ferris wheel is open all day as well as into the night when it becomes an LED light extravaganza. Grab a snack and enjoy the ride!

Space Needle

The Space Needle offers an incredible panoramic view of the city, mountains, and water. At 520 feet above the ground, this probably isn’t the classic view of Seattle you are used to seeing every day.

Staycationing in Seattle allows you to see your home city in a whole new light and with fresh eyes. Likewise, living in a furnished apartment offered by Blueground in Seattle will have you seeing urban living in a whole new way. Take advantage of the premium building amenities, cleaning on-demand and flexible lease terms should you wish to move to another neighborhood. Living in a Blueground apartment makes it feel like a staycation every day of the week, allowing you to make the most of your Seattle experience. 

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