As the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. can seem really overwhelming, especially for a new arrival. It’s a great city but there’s so much going on, you might not know where to begin. This list of events in D.C. is an excellent starting point.


White House Easter Egg Roll

One of the most popular events in D.C., this event dates back to 1878 and President Rutherford B. Hayes. The White House Easter Egg Roll is all about family fun. Children from the ages of three to six hang out on the South Lawn hunting down wooden eggs. The staff hides over 24,000 of these eggs on the grounds, which is definitely a job we wouldn’t want. However, the kids are happy about it and have an amazing time. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. After the White House Easter Egg Roll, you can enjoy a family Easter party held at the Ellipse. It includes music, food giveaways, storytelling, and all sorts of other entertainment.


Washington D.C. Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Any list of awesome events in D.C. has to include the ever-popular St. Paddy’s Day Parade. The one in D.C. is also one of the most special too since it’s known as the Nation’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
The event is two-and-a-half hours long and includes everything you’d expect to see in a parade. So, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of floats, marching bands, and pipe bands. The military, along with the police and fire departments join to celebrate Irish heritage and culture. If you want a great time while supporting Irish culture, this is one of the events in D.C. you must attend in March.


Passport D.C.

If you’re passionate about discovering other cultures, then this is one of the best events in D.C. for you. The festival lasts the entire month of May and involves a variety of events that showcase cultures from all over the world.

During Passport D.C., many of the embassies in the city invite people to visit on certain days. They present their country’s dance, food, art, music, and culture as a whole. A variety of street festivals, special performances, and open houses also take place, among many other events.


National Memorial Day Celebration and Parade

This parade honors all American veterans who fought to defend the country. That includes every soldier from the Revolutionary War all the way to the war in Iraq. Over 150,000 people turn up to watch the parade made up of veterans’ units from various states and marching bands.

Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC

The National Memorial Day Celebration Parade runs along Constitution Avenue from 7th Street to 17th Street. Considering the large crowd that always turns up, you should get there as early as possible to find a good spot.

Of course, this would be far easier if you live nearby and can just walk over to the event. Blueground offers great apartments for rent in some of D.C.’s best areas. All of the properties are beautifully decorated, completely furnished, and come fully equipped.

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D.C. Jazz Festival

One of the biggest musical events in the city, the D.C. Jazz Festival features over 125 performances in more than 60 locations all over the city. The festival not only showcases outstanding music during the event but also promotes music for the rest of the year. They offer concerts and educational programs while supporting outreach to get more people interested in jazz. They also promote the integration of music in schools.

If you love great live music, then this is one of the events in D.C. you should add to your June calendar. You won’t regret it.


D.C. Independence Day Celebration

It’s the nation’s capital. It’s Independence Day. Put them together and you’ll get exactly what you expect: a massive celebration!

One of the most exciting events in D.C., the D.C. Independence Day Celebration starts with a parade. You’ll see over 100 marching units make their way down Constitution Avenue at noon.

Once the parade is over, you’ll be able to enjoy performances from a variety of popular musicians until the evening. Then, the National Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by various singers and guest stars, will delight you.

Fireworks during Independence Day celebration in DC

Subsequently, the pyrotechnics begin, offering an amazing show over the grounds of the Washington Monument. As you probably expect, thousands of people gather along the National Mall for the fireworks display. So, if you want a chance of securing a good spot, make sure to get there early.


Washington International Horse Show

If you love horses, then this is one of the best events in D.C. for you. First held in 1958, the Washington International Horse Show has become incredibly popular as more than 20,000 people attend annually. The show lasts for six days in late October and includes high-level competitions, but also various charity and community events.

You’ll be able to see over 500 amazing horses with their riders from all over the world. They’ll show off their equestrian jumping skills as they compete for the prize, which is almost half a million dollars.

a horse-rider and his horse jumping over a hurdle at the International Horse Show in DC

Some of the events you need to check out include the Military Night Puissance high-jump competition, the President’s Cup Grand Prix, and a qualifier for the World Cup. There’s also a Kid’s Day featuring many educational and fun activities that are free.


National Christmas Tree Lighting

One of the most popular holiday events in D.C., the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony has been running for nearly a century.

It brings together a wide range of popular entertainers and military bands for some great performances. The President of the United States also attends and gives a short speech promoting national and world peace.

This event marks the start of a Christmas tradition that spans three weeks in Washington D.C. So, if you want to start the holidays off on a festive foot, then this is where you should be.

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