There’s nothing quite like coming home to a beautifully designed, perfectly outfitted space. (If you’re one of the thousands of people living in a move-in ready Blueground home this year, you understand exactly what we mean.)Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Our talented in-house design team sets up hundreds of new apartments all over the world each year, and so our interior designers are obviously up to date on all the latest trends!

We chatted with Blueground design experts Jessica McCarthy, Marissa Scales, Nahide Tasdelen and Megan Wright about top trends that will dominate the interior design world in 2022.

Colorful kitchens

White walls never go out of style, but a pop of color is a ton of fun! This is especially true when you’re talking about kitchens, often the heart and soul of a home.

Whether you paint an accent wall or add a vibrant tile backsplash or wallpaper print, color makes the kitchen come alive. You not only brighten up your living space, but make cooking and mealtimes more fun for everyone.

Dreamy bedrooms

Remember when your bedroom was just for sleeping? Well, it can be again! During the course of the pandemic many bedrooms have doubled as home offices. Well, it’s time to take back your sleep sanctuary!

2022 interior design trends

Keep your laptop out of the bedroom, and swap your old bedspread for a new, pillowy soft duvet cover. Add a bedside lamp that casts a soft glow, or a peaceful watercolor painting to remind you of the importance of rest and relaxation.

Layering of colors, texture & patterns

When it comes to mixing design elements, more is more in 2022!

2022 interior design trends

Localization manager Marissa Scales is seeing a strong focus on warmth and depth this year, compared to the minimal aesthetic we saw in 2021. “Our first Blueground furniture collection, for example, was focused on more minimalism and our new collection will incorporate more traditional lines and elements,” she said.

Mixing old & new

Marissa also loves the new trend of juxtaposing antique objects alongside modern ones. “We saw this a lot in 2021, but will continue to see the incorporation of vintage mixed with contemporary into the new year,” she said.

2022 interior design trends

So go ahead and buy that adorable needlepoint pillow at the flea market and place it just so on your high-end leather recliner!

Natural materials & colors

Sometimes Mother Nature is the best design inspiration of all. “Lots of natural color, such as greens and terracottas, will be popular this year, while still keeping neutrals layered within,” said interior designer Megan Wright.

2022 interior design trends

“Organic, textural materials and more outdoor elements will be featured in many home designs as well.”

Small, multifunctional spaces

You’ve banned your work computer from the bedroom, so where does it go now? Get creative and set up a home office within a larger room.

2022 interior design trends

Use design elements like wallpaper and floating shelves to carve out an office space in your living room or even your kitchen. The goal is for your home office to feel cozy and inviting.

Statement lighting

The finishing touch on any room design is a beautiful, artistic statement lighting piece.

2022 interior design trends

Whether it’s trendy Edison bulbs or a hanging rattan lighting fixture in the kitchen, an eye-catching light fixture literally puts the spotlight on your already-gorgeous home.

We hope these design ideas have inspired you. Of course, if you’re already living in one of our flexible furnished homes the hard work of interior design has been done for you.

Blueground wants all of our guests to feel like world explorers as they move between our network of stylish, move-in ready homes in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

a blueground apartment in vienna

Every one of our apartments comes with high-quality furniture as well as appliances, linens, and even dishes and pots and pans. We want to make sure our guests have everything they need to feel at home right away as they experience a new city! Find out more about the Blueground experience.

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