A worker’s salary varies not just by age or by their job, but also by geography. This makes your home address more important than your qualified skill set in terms of earning potential. Where you live can help determine just how big of a paycheck you bring home. Your earnings are likely to be more robust if you’re living in a city with a higher cost of living.

If you’re thinking of moving to a major metropolitan city in the U.S., it pays off to know beforehand approximately how much life there will cost you. After all, you want to be able to move there and live comfortably without having to be under financial strain. For many, part of moving to a big city means many things. Including higher rent, a larger proportion of expenses allocated to taxes, utilities, services, etc. and more opportunity to spend on leisure activities. Make yourself aware of your potential spending before making the big move. You’ll find this can be really useful to help allocate your spending and maybe even the leverage to negotiate a better salary.

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The Average Salary in NYC

birds eye view of Central Park and the all the buildings and impressive architecture in New York City

If you’re seriously thinking about residing in New York City, you’ll want to be sure that you can do so within your means. The Big Apple offers a wide range of salaries, so it’s important to know what to expect. Many factors will eventually determine your ability to balance your expenses with your paycheck. To gain more insight into what you might be paid, we have provided you with some information on the average salary in NYC.


The Average Salary in L.A.

boardwalk extending into the Pacific Ocean and palm trees in the foreground in Los Angeles at the beach

The notion of living comfortably is highly subjective. For some it means simply having a roof over their head, for others, it means having a roof over their head in Beverly Hills. It all comes down to how you spend your money and what you prioritize as important in your life. Whatever the case, it’s useful to know what to expect in terms of the average salary in Los Angeles because even though it isn’t the most expensive city in the U.S., it definitely isn’t the cheapest.


The Average Salary in San Francisco

beach in San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge in the background

Home to Silicon Valley and the current hub of innovation in the U.S., some of the richest companies in the world call San Francisco home. These companies have attracted high-paid employees and wealthy executives to the area, increasing the cost of living in the City by the Bay. Although the average salary in San Francisco is above the national average, it doesn’t necessarily make up for the sky-high cost of living.


The Average Salary in Chicago

woman smiling as she gets handed her paycheck

You’re ready for an exciting change in your life and have the means to do so. Take that job offer or university admission and run with it! Before committing to moving to a city like Chicago, it’s worth investing time in doing some of your own research. This might include looking into the average salary, how to negotiate your salary, and approximate living costs.


The Average Salary in Boston

Charles River with the skyline of buildings in the background in Boston

Boston is a city worth living in. Its beauty, vibrant energy, delicious gastronomy, fun atmosphere, and motivating population should be experienced. But all of this comes at a cost, a very expensive cost. Getting an idea of the average salary in Boston can help you determine whether this city is the right one for you and if you will have the means to truly make the most of it.

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