If you want to know where to live in Los Angeles there is no right or wrong answer. The neighborhood you choose to live in should simply be a great fit for your lifestyle. Will this part of the city support and enhance your current way of life? That’s the personal question to ask yourself.

It’s worth spending some time mulling it over and making a list of must-haves. As you will see, L.A is a city of distinct neighborhoods offering contrasting day-to-day lifestyles. Whether your priorities are a bustling nightlife or culinary culture. Cultural institutions or historic architecture. Green spaces or ocean breezes – the Los Angeles lifestyle covers it all.

Location, Location, Location. It’s one of the most significant choices you’ll make when searching for an apartment. At the outset, location can be prioritized before the apartment search itself. Here are a few important points to consider when you’re looking for the best neighborhood of L.A to live in.

  • Neighborhood safety
  • Transit options and parking space
  • Local amenities
  • Outdoor space
  • Community culture


Los Angeles lifestyle

L.A is known as a “transplant city” due to its multicultural residents who infuse the city with their heritage. It’s consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the country. A resurgent city center, a vibrant arts scene, and evolving culinary destinations make it a city that’s constantly rediscovering itself. Surprisingly, you can go car-free in L.A. Los Angeles is home to one of the country’s best public transportation networks. Without a car, you can travel by subway, light-rail, or bus. It’s a great base for a weekend getaway from beaches to deserts. But there’s plenty of local cultures and natural beauty to discover on home turf – plus the warm year-round climate.
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Here is our selection of the best places to live in Los Angeles. To give you a better idea of price ranges in each neighborhood, we give you the average rents by LA neighborhood below. As a measuring stick, you’ll see the monthly rent for an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment in LA goes (according to RENTCafe) versus a similar-sized furnished unit (by Blueground). Price this according to your salary and the cost of living in LA to be sure you have enough pocket money throughout the month to experience the city in its fullest.


Downtown (DTLA)

view of downtown los angeles

Local Life: DTLA is one of L.A’s fastest-growing neighborhoods. An urban hub with downtown cool, it’s also one of the hippest places. From the industrial Arts District to world-class museums and foodie hotspots – it encompasses the city lifestyle. In DTLA you’ll find upscale apartments, urban lofts and a diverse community of locals (including USC students). Edgier by night, this area is better suited to streetwise singles. In this region, you can walk from A to B as everything is in reach. Luckily, public transportation is accessible by the subway and DASH buses. Plus Downtown Union Station, a hub for Amtrak and Metrolink trains.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in DTLA: $2389 (unfurnished), $3245 (furnished)


Silver Lake

Local Life: Silver Lake is a vibrant neighborhood with a close-knit community. This cool neighborhood among the hills of North East L.A is a top residential choice for creative professionals. Mediterranean-style homes, one-off dining locations, and independent art galleries punctuate the region’s eclectic culture. Locals often run or relax by the Silver Lake reservoir or on the Silver Lake Boulevard. Everything you need in Silver Lake can be found within a 10-minute walk. But if you do want to venture further afield you can travel by subway or bus.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in Silver Lake: $1773 (unfurnished), $2976 (furnished)



Glendale California

Local Life: If you’re looking for safe neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Glendale is ideal.

Known as one of the safest neighborhoods to live in, it’s as family friendly as it gets. Wholesome living in L.A’s suburbs is signified by hiking trails in the San Gabriel Mountains and days out with the kids. The LA Zoo and Norton Simon Museum are examples of easy to reach attractions. Shopping malls are vital areas in this community, and where recreational retail areas serve as social hubs. Unique to this region is the Armenian community – the largest outside of Armenia – evidenced in the local culinary scene. Locals get around by car, and you’ll only be a short drive away from Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica Pier.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in Glendale: $2188 (unfurnished), $2265 (furnished)


Highland Park

Local Life: This up-and-coming creative neighborhood has seen many transformations. From a craftsman community to a gangland – the present-day incarnation is pleasantly residential. The region has a rich history dating back to 1783. Charming architectural details from the Victorian and Craftsman styles are still evident today. The neighborhoods renaissance is signified by craft beer and independent shops. There are no big-name retailers in this cool suburb where hip newcomers and generations-old locals coexist. It’s easy to commute from Highland Park by metro. Santa Monica Pier and Venice Boardwalk can be reached in 30 minutes by car.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in Highland Park: $1727 (unfurnished), $1995 (furnished)


West Hollywood

Hollywood sign in California

Local Life: Also known as “WeHo”, West Hollywood is a lively neighborhood. It has a vibrant nightlife and melting-pot of eateries, modern furnishing stores, and art attractions. It’s no surprise a mix of creatives and young professionals move for the 24/7 lifestyle. They live in modern multi-story apartment buildings nestled alongside traditional West Hollywood bungalows. The area is easy to navigate by foot and a only a short drive from DTLA and Beverly Hills.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in West Hollywood: $2473 (unfurnished), $3290 (furnished)



Local Life: Koreatown – or K-Town is full of bustling sidewalks and electric nightlife.

This central L.A neighborhood is one of the most walkable and transit-friendly. An authentic neighborhood evening would entail some tabletop Korean BBQ followed by a local karaoke bar. Modern conveniences are at your doorstep in K-Town. You’ll only ever be a few blocks away from what you’re looking for, whether it be a 7-Eleven or the 24-hour Wi Spa. The urban professionals in the area tend to live in new developments and converted warehouses, where onsite washer-dryers are often seen as a luxury amenity.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in Koreatown: $1835 (unfurnished), $2990 (furnished)


Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills California from above

Local life: One of Los Angeles most exclusive residential enclaves, everything here is upscale. From designer shopping on Rodeo Drive to luxurious homes – it’s VIP status offers a sense of privacy. Also, it’s a very safe neighborhood with a first-class schools district. Alongside the high-end living, Beverly Hills also has public green spaces like Beverly Gardens Park. The area has easy access to the 101 and 10 freeways, plus plenty of parking options around the center.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in Beverly Hills: $2449 (unfurnished), $3340 (furnished)


West Los Angeles

Local life: West Los Angeles is a laid-back neighborhood, topped by its central access to the rest of Los Angeles. It’s only minutes by car from Santa Monica Beach and local to Venice and Malibu. This makes it an ideal location for those that prioritize being close to the sandy Californian coastline and the Pacific Ocean. There is an array of renowned restaurants from traditional to ethnic in the areas culinary hub, nicknamed “Little, Little Tokyo”. Also, it’s near to cultural hotspots like the Getty Museum and independent movie theatres.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in West LA: $2224 (unfurnished), $3481 (furnished)


Marina Del Rey

Santa Monica Pier in Marina Del Ray California

Local Life: This peaceful harbor location offers high-end living seaside living. Local activities center around the marina. From harbor promenades and bike paths to the diverse boating scene – you can cruise by sailboat or gondola. By night the neighborhood is lowkey, with a casual fine dining scene. Located next to The Marina Freeway, it’s easy to find your way off-the-water by car.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in Marina del Rey: $2964 (unfurnished), $3413 (furnished)


Playa Vista

Local life: Known as the tech hub of Los Angeles, main players like Google and Facebook work alongside an active startup community in Playa Vista. The self-contained residential community has everything from yoga studios to movie theatres around the block. With good public schools and new luxury condo developments, it’s fitting for modern families. The 405 freeway easily connects residents to the South Bay beaches communities and LAX Angeles International airport.

Monthly rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in Playa Vista: $2775 (unfurnished), $3490 (furnished)

It’s not always easy to decide where you might live once you decide to relocate. Why not try-before-you-buy, testing out which neighborhoods are the best match for you with a flexible stay of a month or longer? Blueground offer flexible leases, and the option to move between apartments and the best neighborhoods in L.A to live in, pending availability.

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