Moving across countries can be expensive. While you might opt to handle your move by yourself, hiring a cross country mover might be necessary. However, they can be steeply-priced so you’ll want to make the most out of the service. Here’s how to do so.


Plan your move

Map out every aspect of your move and estimated costs. Everything from getting moving boxes to canceling magazine subscriptions. Put together an extensive to-do list and separate them in chunks arranged in order of priority. That way, they don’t feel so overwhelming. Planning your move helps to get a sense of just what needs to be done. What needs to go and what needs to stay. With proper planning, your move will entail very minimal stress for everyone involved. You should know the exact date you are moving and already have an apartment picked out in the new city. With Blueground you don’t have to make a cross country trip just to house hunt. With apartments available in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., you can find the apartment of your dreams in minutes. It’s a great idea to schedule your move at least six to eight weeks out so you get the best rates and availability.


A yard sale is a good idea

When moving, you want to make sure you aren’t forking out a ton of cash just to move a bunch of knick-knacks you no longer need. Not only will they take up space in the moving van, but they’ll also clutter up your new space. Have a yard sale to get rid of things you don’t need, like old clothes and furniture and even make some money off of them.

yard sale

Using Blueground to find an apartment in the city you are moving to also means not having to worry about relocating with furniture. The turnkey fully-furnished apartments cater to everyone’s taste. You can also handle the whole process of booking your new apartment without setting foot in your new city. If you don’t like the idea of a yard sale you can put the things you want to sell up on a site like eBay. Donate anything else you don’t want so you don’t get tempted to move with extra baggage.


Perfect timing is key

If your move isn’t urgent, planning the perfect timing for your move is key to keeping it cost-effective. Avoid scheduling your move during a holiday because it’s a very expensive time to move. So are weekends and towards the end of the month. That’s because leases usually expire at the end of the month. More people are likely to book moving companies during the last week of the month rather than the first or second. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Try to schedule your move during a weekday so you can get a less expensive price from your movers. Summer is also a more expensive time to move because that’s when families are getting settled before the new school year  


Choose the best mover

Selecting the best and most cost-efficient mover to handle your move is important. Look into all of the services that the cross country movers in your city have to offer and make a pro and con list for each. Get quotes from your top three or four choices before making a final decision. Consider things like cost, services offered, popularity and most importantly the quality of service. Getting a great bargain price from a mover might not seem so great after they damage a box filled with valuable figurines you inherited from your grandmother. Read up on reviews left by old customers, and not just the ones available on their site. Make use of online customer review platforms like Yelp.

Don’t be afraid to bargain

Moving rates vary from mover to mover. After getting a quote from your preferred moving company, don’t be afraid to take a shot at getting a discount.

Know what services you are getting

Ask about all the services you are entitled to, so you don’t end up spending money on something already covered by your cross country mover. A great mover should offer services like packing and unpacking your home, providing some moving supplies and storage. So if for instance, your moving company provides moving supplies there’ll be no need for you to stock up on things like bubble wrap and moving boxes.

You could do it yourself

a family moving out of their house

You don’t have to enlist the service of the professional movers that your cross country movers provide. An alternative that will help you save some money is to rent a truck from them and get family and friends to help with packing and unpacking your home. Of course, using professional movers is still the safest choice. Movers are trained professionals so they have the best techniques for packing and protecting your items during the move. The moving company also assumes liability for items during transit.

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