Opportunities abound in the City of Angels, and not just for would-be actors and actresses trying to make it big. Los Angeles is home to an abundance of top companies specializing in everything under the sun, from media to healthcare to banking.

For students with big dreams and better work ethics, scoring an internship with one of these major companies in L.A. is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from leaders in the field, collaborate in teams, and broaden personal and professional networks.

Besides the priceless work experience, interning in L.A. offers the chance for students to explore life in this exciting, diverse city in iconic Southern California.


Buzzfeed internships

Home to hundreds of frivolous lists as well as cutting-edge national and international breaking news coverage, this leading digital media and tech company is the perfect space for creative, tech-savvy students to grow their skillset and foster meaningful relationships in the field.

With positions spanning administration, accounting, advertising, content, news, marketing, template, studio, and technology, Buzzfeed hosts a wide array of internships, primarily during the summer.

Above all, perks include snacks and beverages in the office, the occasional catered lunch, a collaborative team environment, and equitable compensation.

Both undergraduate and graduate students are considered for summer internships, but make sure to read the necessary requirements per position,


Walt Disney Co. internships

If getting up close and personal with your childhood idols sounds like a dream come true, this beloved entertainment empire may just be your perfect internship match.

Not only does the Walt Disney Company encompass TV shows, movies, and theme parks around the world, they are also the parent company of many more renowned and prolific powerhouses, including ESPN, Marvel, ABC, and LucasFilm.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

Internship opportunities abound in a wide array of fields, including communication, business, finance, graphic design, parks management, supply chain, and more.

Above all, you can browse current internships on their website, filtering for location, business. Each listing has job-specific requirements and prerequisites, so make sure to evaluate them individually.

Additionally, Disney offers a 5-to-7 week Disney College Program, where students live in complexes near the Disney Resort, network with industry leaders, gain hands-on experience, and are paid to do it!


Live Nation Entertainment internships

Odds are you’ve been to an event put on by Live Nation Entertainment, from festival to club or intimate solo show, from the Backstreet Boys to Def Leppard.

A leader in the industry of live entertainment, Live Nation offers internships in L.A. for motivated, entrepreneurial students from an array of fields such as licensing, sales, marketing, and A&R.

Take a look at their internship opportunities, most of which occur during the summer months.

All in all, each job has specific requisites, though all require full-time enrollment in college, working toward either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree.

intern at her desk with Mac desktop

Internships at Live Nation are not paid, however, they can count toward college credit, helping you to earn your degree faster and contribute to real-world experience in the field.

Make sure to check with your college to see if you’d be eligible for school credits before accepting the position.


Johnson & Johnson internships

This iconic healthcare company is home to a robust internship program, where mission-driven students are able to learn from the best and make a real-world impact on the health and wellness of individuals, families, and communities.

At Johnson & Johnson, your 10- to 12- week internship will be collaborative and rewarding, with opportunities in areas of customer development, engineering, finance, human resources, marketing, research and development, supply chain operations, and technology.

Internships are for students pursuing their bachelor’s degree or above who have a minimum 3.0 GPA. All positions are paid and posted on their website, where specific qualifications are outlined.


Paramount Pictures internships

What do Titanic, Transformers, and Shrek II all have in common?

You guessed it!

Legendary film studio Paramount Pictures is not only a heavyweight in the movie world since 1912.

But also a company bent on recruiting top talent and creativity at their Hollywood location.

The Paramount Pictures Internship Program is an unparalleled opportunity for movie buffs and tech nerds alike to participate in exciting projects with a global leader in the field.

This internship program is offered in two sessions, one in spring, with an application deadline in December, and the other in summer, with the application deadline in January.

The program spans an expansive array of industries, including marketing, digital entertainment, home media, advertising, publicity, stills, distribution, finance, accounting, HR, studio operations, IT, casting, music, pre/post-production, market research, and licensing.

To be eligible, undergraduates must be in their junior or senior years, and graduate students must have completed their first year. All positions are paid.

For more information, visit their website for updated listings.


Kaiser Permanente internships

Champions of preventative health care, Kaiser Permanente provides students ample opportunities to develop their skills and contribute to the development of a sound, affordable health system.

With multiple L.A.-based internship opportunities catering to a variety of skills and backgrounds, this is an excellent opportunity for students to be involved in creative problem-solving at the ground level.

  • Business Functions Internship Program: Students enhance their business competencies in this 10-12 week program, typically June through August. Recruiting happens January through April, with a variety of positions offered to undergraduate and graduate students studying business, public health, finance, statistics, marketing, and communications.
  • IT Internship Program: Candidates are able to learn, support, and contribute to the direction and current IT initiatives at Kaiser. There are no requisite majors for the IT program, and positions are offered in Spring (February-May), Summer (June-August), and Fall (September-December).
  • KP LAUNCH Summer Program: For students lacking resources to explore careers in health, the LAUNCH (Learning About Unlimited New Careers in Health) program allows young people to learn from a variety of health professionals with paid internship opportunities. These programs last 8-10 weeks in the summer months, and eligible students must be attending or plan to attend an accredited college or university, and have permanent residence in a Northern California KP Designated Service Area.


Sony Pictures internships

film internships in Los Angeles doing a screen test

This multinational entertainment company is a household name, bringing us beloved films from classics such as Jumanji and Men in Black to modern mega-hits like Spider-Man and Casino Royale.

All in all, with seasonal, paid internship and trainee programs, Sony Pictures is a perfect place for creative, tenacious students to learn and grow.

Based in Culver City, internship positions are posted as available on their webpage, and cover an expanse of focus areas, from data analytics to finance sustainability to marketing, and lots in between.

Most internships are for the summer months, May/June through August, and are full-time. Each position has its own requisite qualifications, so make sure to read each posting fully to see if you are a good fit.


Making the best of L.A. during your internship

While Southern California is known for its lovely year-round weather, the summer months in Los Angeles are arguably the best.

Settle in with a folding chair and a cold beverage and watch a movie outside with the rest of L.A. at Cinespia, grab some rollerblades and skate down the boardwalk while you people-watch at infamous Venice Beach, or keep cool at one of the many pool parties in the city.

With endless opportunity for experience, from mouthwatering tacos to outdoor adventures, you’re sure to be entertained.

Los Angeles summer skyline at dusk

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