The San Francisco Bay Area is known to have some of the most exciting job opportunities in the entire United States, no doubt thanks to the well-known tech giants who headquarter here. Gaining intern experience at one of these competitive companies is an immeasurable way to garner connections within the industry. Additionally, you can learn and practice real-world skills that are sure to benefit you after graduation. Not only will an internship in SF contribute to your career, but it’s an opportune time to get to know all the beautiful quirks of the Golden City. Read on for the complete list of top internships and city tips so you can have the ultimate intern experience in the City by the Bay and the surrounding areas.


Facebook internships

Interested in getting behind the scenes with the social media giant that started off as a social experiment and has since changed the world as we know it? Since Facebook’s reach is so wide, internships span a host of different topic areas, from physics to sociology. For students working toward their Bachelor’s degrees all the way up to doctoral candidates, it has consistently ranked as one of the top companies to intern for on Glassdoor. Facebook internships are offered throughout the year, usually for a length of 12 weeks, and qualifications vary for each position. Facebook’s robust internship program offers one to one mentorship, as well as access to all other employees and services.

San Francisco interns at work

Facebook facilitates social events outside of work as well to have fun and network. Depending on your performance, interns are considered for a return offer, either for another internship or a full-time position, at the end of the internship. Interestingly, interns receive all the same benefits that full-time employees do (including monthly salary, free meals on campus, and wellness stipend), as well as housing assistance for the duration of the internship. Facebook University is another hands-on internship program that caters to students from underrepresented communities. This program is eight weeks long and is broken down into five topic areas: engineering, analytics, operations, product design, and sales and advertising. Registration for this program opens on September 15th and closes October 31st.


Glassdoor internships

This job and recruiting site also happens to be a great place to have a job–or, in this case, an internship. Glassdoor has offices in the Embarcadero neighborhood of San Francisco that offer numerous internships. Everything from software engineering to project management positions are available, throughout the year via their online job board. Though benefits differ at each office, internships with Glassdoor are usually paid. Their offices stress wellness, transparency, giving back to the community with volunteer days, as well as career development with training and hands-on involvement. They are serious about helping others find their passion and perfect workplace, and make sure their own work environment is up to par!


Salesforce internships

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution with a net income of over a billion dollars. The Salesforce summer internship program is an incredible way to get invaluable experience through exposure to the Salesforce leadership team, as well as to establish a strong network and gain new, hands-on skills. Interns are hired in both the business and technical fields, with qualifications varying for each job. Though most internships are held during the summer months, there are postings throughout the year. So, the best way to stay current with Salesforce opportunities is via their online job board. All Salesforce internships are paid and even include 56 (paid) volunteer hours to give back to the community – which is the same amount that full-time employees are provided. With offices in San Francisco as well as all over the world, there are plenty of internship opportunities for innovative students at this tech giant.


Google internships

The company whose name has since become a verb. This search engine giant offers a wide array of competitive internship and apprenticeship programs in a plethora of fields and interest areas. Some internship opportunities include IT, engineering, infrastructure, software development, business, analytics, UX research, and digital marketing, just to name a few. Internships can be year round but are primarily offered over the summer, with applications opening in January and closing in February of the same year. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Their internships+ page is the best way to check out current opportunities and openings in the San Francisco area. Though you’re sure to be working hard, landing a coveted internship at Google comes with plenty of benefits, including generous pay, free shuttles around the Bay Area, social outings, housing assistance, tasty food and wellness perks. For added bonus, interns get the opportunity to work directly on software and technologies that may just change all our lives.


Apple internships

Apple has brought us so many innovative products we interact with daily–think iPhones, iPods, and iWatches–it’s hard to imagine a world before these technologies existed. With headquarters in Cupertino, just west of San Jose, this tech company offers a variety of internships spanning a whole host of fields, from machine learning and engineering to research analytics. Energetic and innovative students with a passion for the extraordinary will thrive at Apple. Interns will have the opportunity to work as part of a team on exciting products and technologies, meet company executives and receive mentorship by highly skilled professionals in the field.

San Francisco and the Bay Area in general are great for internships

With summer internships as well as co-ops during the school year, checking out the jobs at Apple webpage will allow you to refine your search for internships in the area (all of which have different qualifications and requirements). Apple interns can expect to be paid well above average, as well as earn overtime, housing assistance, and relocation assistance if necessary.


Cisco internships

Cisco is a multinational technology conglomerate that offers internship programs for techies and non-techies alike. Internship areas include roles in engineering, human resources, marketing, sales, security and trust, supply chain, information technology, finance, operations, and customer experience. Programs vary in length from two to twelve months, and can vary between short or long-term internships, summer internships, co-op programs and apprenticeships. Students can find positions on the Cisco Students and New Graduates page, as well as great interview tips to land one of these dream roles. Internships are paid, though benefits vary at each location, so make sure to ask during the interview what Bay Area perks might sweeten the deal.


Visa internships

For those interested in delving deep into the inner workings of those flimsy pieces of plastic we love to use, Visa offers internships for a true immersion into this advanced digital payment network. Summer internship applications have two stages. Fall recruitment begins in August and ends in December, while Spring recruitment starts in January and ends in March. Positions are available across administration, client consulting, services and support, cybersecurity, data analytics and administration, finance, human resources, marketing and communications, software engineering, project management, UX design, and more. Opportunities are posted on their website, which also outlines the qualifications and requirements for each position. All internships are paid and benefits include relocation assistance, housing assistance, mentorship opportunities and hosting intern activities in the city.


Tesla internships

Passionate environmentalists love this company, and so do people who simply enjoy beautiful cars. Elon Musk’s automotive and energy brainchild Tesla hosts internships that offer real-world training for forward-thinking students. Internships are posted online year-round and for varying lengths, from three to twelve months, and successful candidates are placed in teams and with projects that best suit their experience and interests.

A student at her San Francisco internship

Qualifications for technical roles usually require a background in either automotive engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, manufacturing, or robotics. Non-technical roles usually require a background in accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, or sales. Though the pressure at Tesla is high, interns make excellent pay, get perks like free snacks and drinks, and work alongside some of the best and brightest minds in the world.


Genetech internships

Genetech is a trail-blazing biotech company researching and developing technologies and solutions pertaining to pressing medical issues. Basically, they’re inventing technologies that were once the stuff of science fiction. They offer both internships and co-op opportunities for students earning a Bachelor’s of science all the way up to the PhD level, though degree and major requirements may differ. Internships are offered at Genetech’s headquarters in San Francisco, typically during the summer for 10-12 weeks. Summer internship job postings are typically open from November, with selections primarily made by the end of March. Recruitment sessions are held on university campuses in the Spring and Fall, though opportunities are also posted on their website. All internships are paid, with interns receiving housing and relocation stipends, not to mention exceptional industry experience and consideration for a full-time position in the future.


Uber internships

It’s very likely that you’ve gotten a ride from Uber at least once. Perhaps your dinner last night may even have been delivered by them too. This multinational ride-hailing company offers transportation services from limo rides to electric scooters and plenty in between. They’re headquartered in San Francisco and offer internships centered around “freedom of movement for people and things all across the world”. With opportunities from software engineering, design, data science, and more, to programs for MBAs and PhDs, there are a ton of different interest areas and roles for internships with Uber. Their 12 to 16 week summer internship program covers a lot of ground and offers plenty of support and guidance to interns through direct mentorship to boot. Internships at Uber are paid and packed with events, opportunities to network and build relationships, free food at the office, and a housing stipend.


Navigating the Bay Area during your internship

You’ll run out of time before running out of things to do in the Bay Area. From natural wonders to unique and vibrant cultural and social experiences, San Francisco is bursting with adventure. Summer days can be spent relaxing amongst the trees and flowers at Golden Gate Park and exploring the rugged coast at Marshall’s Beach, to wandering through the artsy, eccentric Mission District. You might even discover your new favorite band at one of the many free outdoor summer concerts that The City by the Bay has to offer. No matter the hobby or interest, there are endless corners and charms to uncover around the city after work and on weekends throughout your internship. Enhance your career by interning with one of these top Bay Area companies, where you will gain exceptional hands-on industry experience as well as a taste of life in one of America’s best cities.

Panoramic view of interior of an apartment with a clear blue sky view of the San Francisco skyline. Inside the apartment there is a grey sofa with a small marble coffee table in front it and a grey carpet underneath. Behind there is a white modern kitchen with kitchen appliances.

Housing while you’re here

Of course, you’ll have to figure out where to live during your internship. Luckily, many of the above-mentioned companies offer some form of housing assistance or stipend to cover rent for the duration of the program. To get the best out of your experience in the Bay Area, you also have the option of renting a furnished apartment with Blueground. Their fully-equipped, tastefully decorated and conveniently located properties are the best home-away-from-home you could ask for. Blueground’s flexible lease terms mean that you can change apartments and locations until you find what suits you best. With a convenient mobile app that logs rent, maintenance requests and more, you’ll have additional time to focus on your new internship, new friends, and discovering your new home!

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