There are many factors worth considering when deciding where to put down roots. While the countryside offers a quiet, scenic backdrop, it lacks a few of the significant benefits offered in an urban city. Living in a big city is truly an amazing experience. And one that everyone should undergo at least once in their lifetime. The major cities in the U.S. are amazing cultural epicenters filled with the energy of millions. Each center of civilization encompasses its own unique and interesting features that makes living in the U.S.A. so varied from city to city.

Easy access to public transport, endless dining options, vibrant social and entertainment scenes, large job market, and energetic crowd are just a few of the wonderful pros of living in a metropolitan city. The opportunities that a city lifestyle offers are incomparable to those in suburbia. If you do eventually succumb to the allure of city life, here are a few of the best things about living in these major U.S. cities.

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Moving to a big city can present you with the challenge of finding a place to live in. Choosing a neighborhood, finding an apartment, buying all the furniture, and decorating it to make it feel like home is a long and tiresome process. Save yourself the hassle and check out Blueground, a unique furnished housing provider that rents out beautifully decorated and fully furnished apartments. They are located in the best neighborhoods in six of the most popular cities in the U.S. All you have to do is show up and start living!


Things You Didn’t Know About Living in NYCa bridge in New York City by night

New York City is a place written about in songs, it has been featured in countless movies and it’s inspired people worldwide. Brimming with some of the nation’s tallest buildings and historic landmarks, the metro area is a place of opportunity. The city is known for its around-the-clock lifestyle, which is why they call it “the city that never sleeps.” Living in NYC will encourage you to pursue your dreams and achieve a better life. But first, you’ll need to know the secrets that will allow you to keep up and push your limits.


The Best Things About Life in L.A.three surfers walk into the water near the pier in Los Angeles

Los Angeles rolls out the red carpet for the stars and stars-to-be. So if you’re seeking fame, fortune, and artistic fulfillment, LA is the right place to live in. The city’s defining characteristic is its intoxicating mix of free-spirited hope and relentless ambition. It also contains multitudes, offering a melange of experiences and atmospheres. While all this might sound overwhelming, we’ve outlined some of the best things about living in this one-of-a-kind city.


What It’s Like To Live In San Francisco
a view of San Francisco from the top of a hill at dusk

San Francisco is well-known for welcoming all kinds of people with open arms. The City by the Bay continues to grow in population, opening its doors to thousands of new residents from across the globe annually. You might ask yourself, why do so many people live in SF when it is a known fact that it is one of the most expensive cities? Well, the city is popular for many things including its incredible cuisine, outdoor markets, museums, and festivities amongst a few.


Amazing Things About Living in BostonA landscape of Boston city in the evening

Boston often feels like a small town with all the perks of city life. It is a hub of learning, enterprise, and activity. The city appeals to people who want to live in a vibrant and diverse coastal city with world-class shopping, access to excellent health care, cultural opportunities, a focus on quality education and an appreciation for history. Discover more about the perks of living in Boston.


How to Enjoy Living in D.C.
an aerial view of the Capitol building in DC and the surrounding areas

The Washington D.C. area attracts numerous people because of its great political presence. Despite this, it is a great place to live with a variety of choices for work, recreation, and lifestyles. However, the experience of moving to there can be quite confusing, intimidating, and even shocking. Here are some key tips that will have you living it up in the capital like a pro.


Top Things About Living in Chicago
view of buildings in Chicago from the river

If you want life to be an adventure full of delicious dining experiences, watching sports and performing arts, being around culture and work opportunities, then Chicago is the place for you. The city is home to several attractions, amenities, and atmospheres that are sure to please. Here are the top reasons for living in the Windy City, despite its nickname!

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