Planning a long-distance move can be exhausting, not to mention all the hard work involved in the actual move itself. Just the thought of packing and carrying bags for a trip can be a drag. But, what if there were an easier way? For instance, a luggage shipping service that offers door-to-door service.

Well, you’re in luck because several companies now offer this.

In fact, some even go a step further and pack for you, while others will dry clean your clothes.    


World Baggage Network (WBN)

Transport your luggage anywhere in the world with the help of the World Baggage Network. This company has representatives on every continent. They claim that no job is too small and no location is too far or difficult to reach.

If you want, you can even ship a single suitcase using their service rather than taking it on the plane with you. It will meet you at your desired destination.

A man and a woman are standing at the airport holding hands and holding their suitcases facing out the window with an airplane flying by

Conversely, when you have a lot to ship, such as numerous suitcases and bulky boxes, WBN has you covered.

Overall, you can ship up to 70 cubic feet of items from almost any domestic or international location. Typical clients of WBN include business travelers, expats, students, and athletes or sports teams who need their sports equipment shipped.  

How it works

  • To book with WBN visit their website, select your origin and destination country, and the date you want your items picked up and delivered
  • Once you receive confirmation of your booking, it’s time to get your bags packed
  • A representative will arrive on your pick-up date to collect your bags
  • Finally, your bags will arrive on your requested delivery date  

Every single WBN office follows strict policies to ensure your valued possessions get handled and delivered with care while paying a competitive price.

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DUFL is a company that blends leading-edge technology with its shipping services. They specialize in taking the hassle and time out of packing for a trip. When you register to use their service, all your packing and luggage shipping happens virtually through their app.

To start, you enter the arrival date and destination of your trip, then you select the photos of the items you want packed. 

How it works

  • To register with DUFL, visit their website, or use their app
  • Once you register, order your welcome kit (it comes with a large suitcase)
  • When the kit and suitcase arrive, fill it up with items you want to keep stored in your DUFL closet (clothing, shoes, undergarments, regular size toiletries, phone chargers, etc.)
  • After packing your bag, request pick-up through the DUFL app and send the welcome kit back
  • Once your suitcase arrives at a DUFL site, your items will get cleaned, photographed, and inventoried (then you’ll be able to see everything in your DUFL virtual closet from the app)
  • When you’re ready to take a business trip or meet some friends for a vacation, pack your DULF bag using their app (tap on the photos of things you want to be included inside your suitcase)
  • Your packed suitcase will meet you at your hotel at the specific time and date selected 
  • Once your trip is over and you want to send your suitcase back, attach the shipping label provided by DUFL
  • Then drop off the bag at your hotel’s front desk, or wherever FedEx would pick it up


Luggage Forward

When you hire Luggage Forward to handle your luggage shipping needs, they come right to your door to pick up the items.

Then, your luggage travels directly to your apartment, hotel, or even to your cruise ship. Conveniently they offer services to every single zip code in the United States and they will ship to more than 200 countries worldwide.

several suitcases of different colors and styles packed in tightly

With all-inclusive pricing, you pay a set fee based on the number of items you want to be shipped and the shipping speed.

One of the best features is their on-time guarantee.

So, if your shipment doesn’t come on time, you’ll receive a full refund, plus up to $500 for any related expenses.

How it works

  • To schedule and book your luggage shipment go online or give them a call any time of the day or night (open 24/7) 
  • Notify them of your desired arrival and they will provide pickup date and pricing options
  • When you have a confirmed reservation, pack your bags
  • You don’t have to use specific boxes or special packaging


Send My Bag

Send My Bag is one of the best luggage shipping companies.

All in all, the company that specializes in luggage shipment and delivery. You can ship your items around the globe, at affordable rates and check the delivery status with their online tracking feature.

They also guarantee that their price for door-to-door luggage shipping won’t be beaten.

How it works

  • Visit the Send My Bag website to request a quote on your shipment
  • All you need to do is enter the country you want to ship your luggage from, then add the destination and collection date (you should receive a response from them within seconds)
  • If you like the quoted price, you can book your luggage shipment online
  • Next, you’ll want to prepare your bags for shipment (make sure your luggage gets packed thoroughly, and all boxes used are properly reinforced for safe transit)
  • Your bags will get picked up either from your house or another location of your choice
  • As the sender, you are not required to hand the luggage over to the driver (you could designate a neighbor, family member, friend, etc.)
  • If you want to track your bags, access the online tracking system
  • Finally, your luggage and boxes get delivered

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They make moving coast to coast, or even halfway around the world much less stressful. Mid to long-term rental options are available and everything you need to live is inside the apartment from day one.

Furthermore, the flexible lease terms mean that you can change apartments and explore diverse areas. Pack the essentials, leave the rest in storage and you’ll show up feeling right at home.  

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