Chicago has what is classed as a ‘hot-summer humid continental’ climate. This means if you move to the city you can expect four distinctly different and full-on seasons throughout the year. Along with a beautiful waterside location next to Lake Michigan. Learn about average monthly temperatures in Chicago and how thrive in all four seasons in the Windy City.


Month by month average weather conditions

a snowy landscape of a lake in Chicago

  • January is the coldest month, ranging from a temperature of 30°F to 16°F
  • February can see temperatures can range from 36°F down to 19°F
  • March includes temperatures rising to 46°F that can lower to 28°F
  • April becomes warmer with higher temperatures around 59°F to a cooler at 39°F
  • May can reach temperatures of 70°F and lower to a minimum of 48°F
  • June continues to be slightly warmer, with highs of 81°F to a milder 59°F
  • July is generally the hottest month with a maximum temperature of 84°F to 64°F
  • August is hot with average high temperatures of 82°F to a lower 63°F
  • September temperatures can hit highs of 75°F and a minimum of 54°F
  • November has maximum temperatures of 48°F and can lower to 32°F
  • December can drop to 21°F and reach a maximum temperature of 36°F


What to do in Chicago given the weather

Locals in Chicago learn to embrace the epic winters with all the fun things to in the city during this season. Daytime winter activities include exploring the world-class museums and art galleries, or retail therapy on the Magnificent Mile shopping strip. By night there are plenty of exciting theatre venues to visit as well as the famous comedy club scene unique to the city.

During the summer, the warmer season is celebrated by Chicagoans when the city comes alive with many live music events, street festivals, and outdoor cinemas. As well as plenty of people out and about in one of the vast public parks. Or out on a rooftop bar during the milder evenings. If you live in Chicago, you can even experience the 24 beaches along the Lake Michigan shoreline.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.During all seasons, sports are a big draw for residents. From March to December, the pro sports scene is active in Chicago. It’s home to many professional American sports teams and sporting venues. Whether it’s the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Bears, or the Chicago Blackhawks, it’s a great place to live if you’re a superstar sports fan.


Getting around

The weather conditions don’t interfere with people getting around the city, either. There are many ways to get around on public transit, whether it’s snowing or sunny. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) rail and bus services work reliably throughout wintertime commutes. During the warmer months, it’s easy to get around on foot in this walkable city, or bike through greener areas like Millenium Park, taking in the scenic view along the way.


Essential seasonal clothing

In the winter you really have to be wise about what you wear. Dressing for the cold season in Chicago isn’t to be taken lightly. The winter season can stretch from December to March. It’s not uncommon for average weather conditions during this period to include sub-zero temperatures, snow, and strong winds. Clothes wise, you can dress prepared with a proper winter coat, gloves, hat, scarf, and warm waterproof footwear to keep your feet toasty.

The summers in Chicago are normally hotter and humid, with some irregular rainfall. These warmest months in the city usually last from June to mid-September. So, when you are out on a hike, make sure to bring water. When the weather thaws in spring and summer there are many warm-weather activities happening around the city. However, it’s also the wettest season so it’s essential to have an umbrella at hand. During these seasons appropriate attire for the climate includes lightweight pieces to layer and comfortable footwear. Sunglasses may not be required every day as its partly cloudy most months.


Essential seasonal events in Chicago

There are so many things to do in Chicago, so here are some dates to consider for your diary.

During the summer there are free activities for all ages such as exploring street art, including the public artworks at Navy Pier, to attending one of the major summer concerts. These free outdoor events range from family-friendly events like Wiggleworms to The Chicago House Music Festival. The city also has many unique venues to experience live music in.

Street festivals are also a thing in Chicago during the warmest months. Crowds gather in the city’s diverse neighborhoods for food trucks, live music, and craft beer and wine. From the Lincoln Park Wine Festival in May to the Taste of Greektown in the West Loop during August, there are always neighborhood celebrations happening. Alongside creative pop-ups, like the Chicago Zine Fest and the Wells Street Arts Festival.

As Chicago switches into fall, there is a month of seasonal fireworks displays during September. Cultural outings can be enjoyed at events like the Chicago International Film Festival in October. Or at Open House Chicago where you can explore the city’s most interesting buildings, inducing some that offer public access for a weekend only. The food and drinks theme continues during the autumn with events like Oktoberfest and the Sam Adams Lakeview Taco Fest.

Despite the freezing winter weather, people still love to get out and about in Chicago during this season. There are popular outdoor ice-skating spots in Chicago’s best public parks, like McCormick Tribune Ice Rink at Millennium Park. Other attractive things to do are attending one of the winter decoration celebrations including the ZooLights at the Lincoln Park Zoo or the City of Chicago Christmas Tree Lighting event.


Apartments for all weather conditions

After being active in the city it’s always a comfort to come home to a cozy apartment. During the colder months in Chicago, the seasonal weather conditions can require some additional seasonal home maintenance tasks to keep a home in tip-top condition. Fall renovation checklists can be essential to maintaining a safe, dry and warm environment to live in. If you rent a Blueground apartment, you have the option to make home maintenance requests and access services through the Blueground Guest App. You can rest assured you’ll be staying in a modern and fully-furnished apartment to keep you heated or cool throughout the four seasons in Chicago. Many of their Chicago homes include air-con and summertime community amenities like outdoor pools, outdoor patios with grill stations and the like.

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