What do you look for when moving to a new city? For some, elements like the job market, cost of living, public transport, social life, or family play a big role. But for a significant number of people, the weather is a key factor in deciding where to live. After all, a city’s climate can have a huge impact on mood, productivity, health, lifestyle and more. The monthly weather in major U.S. cities varies significantly. You can encounter everything from unbearably hot and humid summers to chilly wet winters, and scant weeks of spring and fall in between.

If you’re one of those people who value the weather conditions in which you live, then it’s worth doing careful research online. Whether you’re dreaming of beautiful snowy winters in New York City or aiming to get a little ocean breeze in a Southern California beach city, you have to determine which climate’s positives and negatives will be the best fit for you.

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Average Monthly Weather in NYC

weather monthly NYC Person with a red umbrella standing in a snowy tree-lined street in NYC

New York City, has a humid subtropical climate and it experiences stable and evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year. There are four distinct seasons that support a vibrant tourist destination throughout the year. Spring is a lovely time with temperatures warming up from the winter cold. During summer, daytime is scorching and oppressively hot, but hats, sunglasses, and New York’s beaches make the high temperatures bearable. You also may be treated to the remnants of Atlantic hurricanes that bring heavy rain and wins from mid-May to as late as November. The fall season comes in September and lasts through November with the most pleasant weather. And finally, winter embodies low temperatures, meaning heavy clothing and footwear. New York normally sees about 25 inches of snowfall per year, so it’s worth investing in quality winter boots with grip.


Average Monthly Weather in L.A.

monthly weather la a couple walking on a sandy the beach on a sunny day next to the shoreline

Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate with a practically rainless summer. Because of its proximity to the Pacific, there are mountain ranges that protect the city from the humidity and cold winds blowing from the north. Moreover, the ocean is a source of cool breezes during summer warmer temperatures in winter. That being said, the summers are warm, arid, and clear and the winters are cool (but not too cold), wet, and partly cloudy. The average high temperature during the year is 84 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 48 degrees. Compare the 284 sunny days per year here with the 152 in Seattle, for example. The overall year-round warm weather makes it the perfect city to live in or visit any time of year.


Average Monthly Weather in Chicago

chicago weather polar vortex in the city

Chicago has hot and humid summers and cold bitter winters. Thanks to Lake Michigan, the climate is moderate compared to other places in Illinois. Temperatures can vary wildly within the span of one week, but they can often stay below freezing for several days or even weeks in January and February. The lowest temperature record for Chicago was 27 degrees below zero on January 30, 2019. The best time to visit the Windy City is in the spring from March to May and in autumn from September to October, although visitors throng the city from March to November.

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