Moving is a big step, no matter where you’re moving to. That’s why it’s up to you to prepare for your big day by getting the supplies ready and having the order of to-dos sorted by urgency and completion time.

At Blueprint (Blueground’s editorial platform for all topics related to moving and relocating), we want our guests to feel comfortable and excited about their move.

That’s why we put together this moving checklist to explain exactly what to do to make sure your move is smooth from beginning to end.

Follow these simple steps for an expedited moving and resettlement process from your first night to who to notify for a change of address.

So, whether it’s moving to a new apartment, city, or even country, this checklist makes your relocation less intimidating.

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Make the most of your time

Moving into an unfurnished apartment is overwhelming, but choosing a furnished unit, like those provided by Blueground, means you’ll have a shorter moving checklist. With a ready-to-go turnkey apartment, new residents don’t need to worry about preparing utilities, furniture, and moving logistics in advance.

No matter where you decide to move, use the moving checklist to get started and make sure you know exactly what to do.

  • Pack up clothing you don’t wear regularly (or better yet, starting selling or donating)
  • Pack any non-essential items you don’t use often
  • Start breaking down and preparing large furniture, such as tables, bed frames, and cribs
  • Gather packing supplies like boxes, markers, packing tape, labels, and more
Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

Pack with a purpose

If you can only pick up one useful tip from this moving checklist, let this one be it. Pack your belongings with care and with organization in mind the entire time.

You should pack in a way that keeps fragile items safe, and organize your items based on where they will go in your new space.

  • Empty all drawers from furniture into appropriate boxes
  • Add padding between fragile items
  • Label boxes as fragile when appropriate
  • Seal every box
  • Label boxes with their corresponding room in your new apartment

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Round up first-night essentials

Put together a little care package for yourself for the first night that you stay in your new place.

When you first arrive at your rental, you want to make sure you have the important items that will get you through the first few days.

So bring along all of the following and you’ll be off to a good start.

  • Change of clothes for everyone
  • Phone charger
  • Alarm clock
  • Basic cups, bowls, plates and silverware
  • Mugs and coffee or tea
  • Toiletries
  • First aid
  • Shower curtain

Minimize heavy furniture

Take these simple steps to shrink down heavy furniture and make it more manageable. That means disassembling your bed frame and other bulky items that are big enough to make moving difficult.

  • Remove drawers and other loose items from furniture
  • Label loose items with the furniture piece they go to
  • Disassemble large furniture items so they fit

Get appliances ready to move

Take these simple steps to prepare your appliances to move to your new location without them taking any damage along the way.

  • Photograph cord placement on complicated appliances like computers and TVs
  • Unplug all appliances and store cords with labels on them in a marked box
  • Box up delicate electronics like TVs and computer monitors including padding
  • Store electronics in boxes labeled where they belong

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Call ahead of your move

Your move isn’t just about physically getting your belongings from A to B. First and foremost are all the appliances. Talk with your new landlord and find out what utilities are included with the property.

Anything that isn’t included is your responsibility. Make a list of the services that need to be registered under your name.

Also, change your address over to your new location just before the move.

  • Set up your new utilities
  • Change your address for the following accounts:
    • Post office
    • Utility companies (phone, internet, electricity, gas)
    • Social Security Administration
    • Insurance company
    • Your employer
    • Banks and credit card companies
    • Additional financial businesses
    • Magazines
    • Medical and dental service providers
  • Tell people you’re moving
  • Arrange helpers to come and move stuff with you (or hire a moving company, we have a list of US-based providers to get you started)

couple on moving day sitting on the ground with boxes

Moving can be stressful, or it can be a relaxed step on your new and exciting journey.

So follow our moving checklist to prepare for the big event and to make sure that you can proceed with confidence.

Using our list, you’ll know what you’re doing, and you can start preparing for the move right away.

Moving might seem overwhelming, but if you begin preparing early enough, you can move with very little stress. Take care to begin the moving process as soon as you know you’re making the move and try to give yourself a month or more to do the job when you can.

So whether it’s your first time moving or your fifth, it pays to start early.

All in all, use these simple steps to help you make the most of whatever time you have available, and to really improve the moving process when you have time to spare.

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