Everyone groans at the thought of moving. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and forces you to come to terms with how much stuff you actually have. If that wasn’t enough, finding a reliable moving company can be a nightmare. Who hasn’t heard a moving horror story from a friend or family member?

Thankfully, if you’re moving to Chicago, there are some truly great options out there. Whether you need full-service movers or just a truck and an extra set of hands, check out these top-rated Chicago moving companies.

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Pro tip: If you’re moving within Chicago, consider decluttering and save on your move by donating old furniture to a local charity.

Best moving companies in Chicago

While there are many to choose from in this expansive city, we’ve selected a few of what we found to be the most reliable and efficient moving companies to help you get all of your stuff from Point A to Point B.

New City Moving

Though they might seem like your run-of-the-mill movers at first, New City Moving is the highest-rated Chicago moving company across the board. This company even managed to score a perfect five stars on Yelp with over 600 reviewers chiming in, which is a pretty astounding feat. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. What about this company has customers raving? Well, reviewers list the timeliness, low cost, and attention to security as some of the top qualities that stand out. They’ll even schedule a FaceTime call with you before the move to go over everything and make sure you’re aligned.

This company is a good choice if you’re looking for local or regional moving, packing, and storage services. If you’re planning a cross-country move, you’ll have to look elsewhere; New City Movers only serves a handful of states in the Midwest.


Two Men and a Truck

Even if you’re not from Chicago, you’ve probably seen the signature logo of Two Men and a Truck on its vehicles in your area. After all, this is the largest moving company franchise in the United States. The company was started in Michigan in the 1980s by – you guessed it – two men with a truck who wanted to make some extra money for college. Later on, their mother took over the brand and grew it into a massive organization with more than 300 locations and 3,000 trucks.

Since Two Men and a Truck operates nationally, it’s a great option if you’re planning a long-distance move to or from Chicago. There are different price points available depending on the timeline of your move, with a few extra perks such as GPS tracking on containers.


Chicago Green Box

There’s no doubt that Chicago Green Box is a moving company that thinks outside the box. In lieu of wasteful cardboard boxes, the company will drop off sturdy plastic crates for you to pack your belongings in. They will pick them up when they’re ready, and deliver them to your new address. Pickup is free, and you get up to two weeks with the crates to make sure everything is organized.

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Chicago Green Box takes an approach that is friendly to both your wallet and the environment. Typically, moving companies charge up to $3 for each cardboard box, with the average 1-bedroom apartment move costing around $200 just for boxes. After paying all this money, most people simply throw these boxes away when they’re done with them.

If you’re interested in the hassle-free relocation process that comes with renting furnished apartment options in Chicago, make sure you check out Blueground. Offering medium to long-term rentals all over the city, the country and abroad, Blueground’s apartments come move-in ready from day one. You don’t need to move your entire furniture collection but instead, you can arrive at a modern and equipped home that has all of the utilities running. When it’s time to move out, you won’t have to spend your final weeks dealing with selling furniture and packing boxes as with conventional renting. Just get up and go! 



With just a 40-mile range and a cut-and-dried list of services, this truly local Chicago moving company gives it to you straight. Move-tastic! calls itself “Chicago’s premiere athletic moving force” and they expertly handle both residential and business moves. In fact, they’ll handle just about any type of move, as long as it doesn’t involve hazardous materials.

Move-tastic! will also pack your belongings for you for an extra fee, which is charged by the box instead of by the hour. They’ll get it all done in one day before you move and they can guarantee the security of every item they pack so you won’t have to stress about damages.


PODS is the perfect DIY option for those who don’t want the stress of a same-day move. The concept is simple: the company drops off an empty shipping container, you fill it up at your own pace, and once you’re done, it gets picked up and transported to your new address. You can take your time to unpack at your leisure or pay a bit extra to have someone pack and load the container for you.

This is a nationwide moving company, so you can use the service for local or long-distance moves without any issue. There are also storage options available in case you’re not quite ready to move in yet. PODS has completed nearly four million moves since 1998, so you can be sure that you’re leaving things to experienced professionals.

A view of the chicago skyline with a light blue sky above and a green park and body of water in the foreground. There are trees in the park with fall foliageAs you can see there are plenty of Chicago moving companies that provide consistent and positive service for a reasonable price. From basic, à la carte options to full-service moving and packing, there’s certainly a mover in Chicago that can meet your needs.

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