When it comes to moving, feelings of stress, frustration, or uncertainty can arise. Questions might pop up about whether you should hire help, or do it on your own. If you are feeling overwhelmed, hiring one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles can ease your stressed mind.


The case for selling or donating furniture

If you’ve had to move a lot lately, consider packing up and storing your items. The surest way to decrease the cost of your move is to lighten your load. Alternatively, you can look at selling or donating furniture. Then, you can rent a fully-furnished apartment with a flexible lease term. As a convenient bonus, you can immediately enjoy your new home without the need to unpack hundreds of boxes. When it comes to moving out, you won’t have to deal with subletting your place to leave early or spend weeks selling furniture. Companies like Blueground have dozens of turnkey apartments in Los Angeles with furnishings for every need. Your lease duration can be short or long-term, it’s up to you. Turn your “full moving truck move” into a small move by making a furnished apartment your final destination.

While considering your options, here are some of Los Angeles’ premier moving companies.  


1. Prodigy Moving and Storage

As one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles, Prodigy Moving and Storage has been serving customers since 1999. Their crew of movers are hardworking, professional, and efficient. They also provide friendly and attentive customer service during every phase of the moving process. Prodigy Moving & Storage is fully licensed, insured, and rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. They focus on residential and commercial moves in both Southern and Northern California. Moving services include the use of:

  • Hand trucks
  • Four-wheeler dollies
  • Moving blankets
  • Speed pack boxes and bins
  • Specialty runners to protect carpets and flooring

If you choose Prodigy Moving and Storage they will contact you six to eight weeks before your move. You’ll schedule a time for them to inspect your current home and factor in the requirements for the move. After the inspection, they provide a quote and documentation about their services.

Once you’ve scheduled your move date, you should utilize a detailed and thorough moving checklist. It can help reduce your stress as you prepare for your move.


2. Excalibur Moving Company

Excalibur Moving Company offers moving services to people all throughout Los Angeles. Since 2005, they have relocated and moved thousands of satisfied customers. They only hire the most professional movers who are properly trained to assist in your move.

Their goal is to provide a stress-free moving experience, so the following services are available to you:

  • In-home moving estimate, free of charge
  • Door-to-door service – the time starts upon arrival at your home and ends when the unloading is complete
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Floor protectors, felt pads, gloves, and booties
  • Complimentary use of plastic bins, wardrobe boxes, moving blankets, mattress covers, and shrink wrap
  • Basic value protection ($0.60 per lb. per article)
  • One month free storage. After the first month, it costs $0.35 per cubic feet per month with a minimum charge of $100.00

furniture in bubble wrap and packed boxes inside an apartment

Testimonial: “Excalibur does it again! Moving can be one of the most stressful things in life. But, thanks to Excalibur and the quality of movers they employ, you can rest assured your move will be seamless.” – Brittany F.


3. Man With A Truck Moving Company

Servicing the greater Los Angeles area, Man With A Truck Moving Company, specializes in small and large size apartment moves. They’re known for their speedy service and affordable cost. Established in 2006, this moving company believes in the importance of excellent customer service. To achieve this, they commit to providing good communication between the front office, the movers, and the customer.

Besides moving apartments, they also have expertise with commercial and large residential moves. They have moved entire companies, multiple-unit residences, and high-end gated housing communities.

On the day of your move, the movers bring all the supplies necessary for a successful moving experience. Moving supplies include dollies, shrink wrap, couch covers, moving blankets and mattress bags. If you need any furniture disassembled and then reassembled, they can handle that too.


4. West Coast Movers Co.

The company has developed a customized incentive program for employees, whereby they get promoted for fast and safe moves. So, their employees not only work more efficiently but also have lots of moving experience before getting hired. For this reason, West Coast Movers Co. is one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles.  

More than a moving and storage company, West Coast Movers offer their customers a wide range of moving services.

For instance:

  • Storage services
  • Furniture assembly services
  • Local and long-distance moving
  • Commercial and corporate moving
  • Can move large and heavy items
  • Can move container rentals
  • Packing, unpacking and crating


5. Town Moving

Town Moving employs a team of professionals who dedicate themselves to supporting you during all phases of your move. They are passionate about their work and strive to make all customers happy. Whether you need moving, packing, or hoisting services in Los Angeles or anywhere in California, they have you covered.

 a person moving couch wrapped in plastic

Moving services:

  • The movers can identify which of your items need extra protection during packing
  • Movers are careful while loading each and every item into their truck
  • All boxes and furniture get placed in the location you choose
  • Movers can assemble bookcases, beds, tables and other items upon your request
  • Protection of carpet and flooring is possible upon your request
  • Moving vehicles are only driven by employees who have three or more years of driving experience

Other services:

  • Storage services
  • Small moves
  • Third-party services, such as installing or uninstalling appliances
  • Removal of extra boxes and packing materials
  • Hoisting heavy items such as a piano, or furniture that can’t fit through a narrow door

Testimonial: “I really appreciate everything the Town Moving team did to make my move easy and comfortable! I highly recommend them!” – Maren B.

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