Moving to a new city is the beginning of an adventure. You’ll no doubt experience new things, build relationships and grow as a person all at the same time. But for the best start in a new place, it’s important to plant roots in the post-relocation period.


Moving to a new city mindset

Whatever the reason for your move to a new city it’s worthwhile moving with the right mindset. Be realistic. Moving is known to be one of the most stressful life events. To avoid getting off to a bad start, find a good moving company and look for a place to stay before you arrive. The same goes for securing a job. Living out of a suitcase and desperately seeking out opportunities can taint your first impressions of a new city.

If you’re unsure of what neighborhood you want to stay in till you’ve experienced it first hand, you could always opt for a short term rental. You can still live in a beautiful apartment short term without the commitment of tying yourself into a longer lease, with a Blueground apartment. Situated in the best neighborhoods in the most exciting cities across three continents, Blueground listings are available for month-to-month stays.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Alongside the fun parts of moving to a new city, like exploring the neighborhood and diving into the local culture, it requires planning and patience. It’s tempting to get ahead of yourself with planning weekend getaways or inviting people to stay. But it’s better to allow yourself the space to settle in first.

Relocation depression is a real thing. In the post-relocation period, it’s normal to feel lonely at times, nostalgic and overwhelmed. However, if you allow yourself to get established at your own pace and keep proactive you can fall in love with a new city and call it home. Like new year’s resolutions that are overambitious, make your moving goals attainable rather than overly idealistic.

After the whirlwind of the move is over and you’ve unpacked at your new apartment there are five things you should do first: 

Connect utilities

Being disconnected when you move to a new city can be a real hassle. To avoid spending the first few weeks in your new apartment in the dark or without WiFi, prioritize getting utilities connected. These can include the internet, gas, electricity, water and cable TV. You may want to transfer the utilities with your current service providers, which sometimes requires an installation visit. Make sure you’ve got the utilities in your name and new address as soon as possible. Pay off any outstanding balances so you can start with a clean slate. If you want to change providers when you move, it’s better to give notice at least a fortnight in advance. Also, don’t forget to set up mail forwarding with USPS, you don’t want your mail getting lost!

Figure out local transit

moving to a new city man train platform

Getting to grips with moving around on local transit will help you acclimatize to your new surroundings. Big cities often aren’t car-friendly meaning public transportation is the faster, easier and less stressful option. Luckily, most major cities often have many ways to get around from metros, trains, buses and bikes shares. Have a go at navigating the different methods of transport to see which one works best for you. Or which one is most amenable to your new neighborhood. Figuring out the local transit is also a great way to get your bearings. There are many handy transit apps, like Citymapper, that can be indispensable for mapping the city via multiple methods from one place. 

Find your service providers

If you want to live like a local start looking for all the places to get your essential services from. That can be a local grocery store, a public library, a hairdresser or a neighborhood cafe. Getting your medical records relocated and locating healthcare services like the closest hospital, local doctor and dentist are essential for giving you peace of mind. You may not need to dial up these services immediately. But if you make it one of the first five things to do in a new city you will be backed up when the need arises. It’s worth doing your homework and making a contacts list for every circumstance. Such as an outfit that needs dry cleaned last minute, a pair of hands for emergency home repairs or a place to take your pet for some veterinary care

Become a member

moving to a new city yoga class outdoors

Becoming a regular somewhere is a great way to feel more settled in a new city straight away. Whether it’s a gym, a co-working space or a community group, these member-based groups will give you a sense of belonging. They are also ready-made environments for seeing familiar faces and starting a day-to-day routine. A museum membership is also a great way to engage with art and culture and providing go-to locations for new mate dates.

Tour the neighborhood (and meet the neighbors)

Strike while the iron is hot, now is the time to put yourself out there! Moving to a new city may push you out of your comfort zone. However, it’s best to embrace it. New friends aren’t going to come knocking at your door. It’s time to start exploring the neighborhood and getting to know the neighbors. Start following blogs and people on social media who know the area. You may be able to unearth hidden gems and must-see spots for discovering the city little by little.

Get more familiar with a new place by seeking out all the important landmarks, public parks, and local food scenes. Make sure to get up early and explore any local markets on weekends. In-between all these activities, refuel and make yourself a fixture at your favorite local coffee shop. The baristas will become familiar with your go-to caffeine fix in no-time.

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