We’re thrilled to announce that our US guests can now extend leases through the Blueground app. Now it’s easier than ever to live in a comfortable, furnished home for as long as you need to without having to pay for unused time once you’ve moved out.

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How to Book Your Extension Through the App

It really couldn’t be easier to extend your Blueground lease using our app. Simply open the app and look for the Extend Your Stay button underneath the info about your unit on the app’s main screen. You’ll be able to select a new move-out date based on availability and see the total price in real time.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.When an extension is for less than a month, we will show you the total itemized cost of your stay, including utilities, parking, etc., on the payment breakdown. When the extension is for more than a month, you will instead see a flat monthly price.

You can pay for your extension with a credit card or via an instant bank transfer from your Plaid account. You’ll receive both a message within the app and an email confirmation once your extension has gone through.

renewing a blueground lease using the app

Troubleshooting Tips

Be sure that you’ve upgraded to the latest version (2.17) of our app. (Do you still need to download the Blueground guest app? Head to the Android or Apple store to get it on your phone.) If you’re using an iPhone, note that you need to be running iOS 13 for the best possible experience with our app.

You also need to confirm that you have sufficient funds available for your preferred payment method, or else your request could be declined.

We hope that this fast and easy new way to stay even longer with Blueground helps you explore the world on your terms.

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