From packing and unpacking to house hunting and settling in, moving can get a little expensive. Finding ways to cut these costs is always a top priority for any mover. A great way to cut do this is by opting to track down free moving boxes around New York instead of buying. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Moving boxes can prove to be very expensive.  The cost of a moving box is about $2 and when packing up a home you could use dozens of boxes. Of course, you won’t have to spend a penny with free ones. Here’s how to go about it.


Where can you find free moving boxes?


Your first port of call should always be friends who just moved. In most cases, they will be more than willing to have you take the boxes off their hands instead of handling recycling and disposal. Put up a post on your social media platforms like Twitter. That way you can make acquaintances aware of your move en masse.

Retail stores

Stores unpack dozens and dozens of boxes on a daily basis and tend to get rid of them. Hit up retail stores around you and take the boxes off their hands at no cost. Be sure to speak to the manager or someone in charge before doing so.


Craigslist is a great place to shop for rare edition sneakers or find antiques you’ve been dying to get for months. It’s also a great place to get free moving boxes. In the free section of Craigslist dozens of people put up moving supplies, they want to get rid of. This often includes moving boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Your office

woman packing her belongings and putting them into a box

Office supplies usually come in sturdy carton boxes which make for great moving boxes. Your office might be a great way to get a large supply of free moving boxes. Boxes used to deliver books and heavier items are great targets. Talk to your boss or supervisor before going off with the boxes so you don’t get in any trouble.

Recycling centers

Recycling centers are another great option for finding free moving boxes. Some centers require people to flatten their boxes before bringing them in but this can easily be fixed with packing tape.


Freecycle is a great platform that allows you to find free moving boxes available in your area. Some Freecycle groups may require you to give something in return. That’ll be a great place to put to use that pile of giveaways you’ve been putting aside as you’ve been packing.

Your moving company

a couple sitting on the floor next to a pile of moving boxes

Some moving companies provide moving boxes as part of their moving package. And if they don’t they can always connect you with cheaper alternatives like sturdy reusable plastic moving bins.


What kind of boxes should you look out for?

Cardboard boxes are the most popular boxes used for moving. The problem with cardboard boxes is that they are very easily damaged. When tracking down free boxes you’ll come across a number of shoddy options. So that your things stay safe and neatly packed during your move, you should avoid them. A couple of things to take note of are:

  • The boxes should be clean. You don’t want to pack clothes and valuables in boxes that were used for perishable foods
  • Use only dry boxes. You might think boxes with wet patches will be great for use after they’ve dried out. But their integrity has already been compromised. You’ll want to avoid them if you don’t want the bottom of a box filled with ceramics giving way on you as you carry them
  • Take only sturdy and strong boxes. It’s tempting to pick up whatever you can get when you are getting them for free


How many sizes do you need?

Moving boxes come in so many different shapes and sizes and getting them in as many varieties as you can think of will come in handy. However, there are three major types of boxes you’ll need. Large, small and medium boxes. The large boxes are great for bulky and larger items like your curtains and blankets. Medium boxes are ideal for clothes and kitchenware like plates and. And small boxes are great for heavier stuff like books and extra fragile items. The smaller the box the sturdier it’s likely to be. Supermarkets, bookstores, shopping malls, and liquor stores are great options to find small boxes.

Just how many boxes will you need?

The number of boxes you’ll need depends on the size of the apartment you are packing up. Your lifestyle also determines how many boxes you’ll need. If you are a minimalist you’ll need fewer boxes than a typical hoarder.

Don’t forget to keep your boxes in great condition so you can return the favor for someone else who might need them. Before getting your moving boxes you should have sorted out where you are moving to.

If you want to avoid the hassle of packing and finding boxes altogether, use Blueground to find beautifully furnished turnkey apartments in your city with ease. You simply have to show up with your suitcases. Blueground’s flexible lease plans allow you to rent an apartment for a month, a year or even longer. 

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