A multitude of reasons may bring you to New York City. Whether an extended work relocation, a few years of studies or simply because this is where the action in your professional realm happens. In such a scenario, you need to know a way to travel around. So, whether you want to navigate mass transit or try and get around yourself, a transit app in NYC is a great assistant. Here are some of the options.


For temporary renters, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to have your own car sent over, but every now and then, you may want to drive somewhere yourself rather than rely on public transportation. One type of transit app in NYC that fills this need is carsharing. The basic concept is that by joining up with a service, you can use a network of shared cars around the city at your convenience, rather than having to lease, park and maintain your own. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.One of the favorites in this regard is Zipcar. After you purchase a plan and have your identity and license verified, you will get a card that lets you unlock Zipcars around the five boroughs of New York. Membership pricing is $7 a month, and you can choose from standard, SUV, and luxury car options. To make it easier, most Zipcars are set at spots like garages or parking lots. For trips to Ikea or for getting from one end of town to the other with a dog in town, a carshare is a lifesaver.

As a side note, there are also services like Turo that serve as an “Airbnb” for cars. Basically, rather than going through a rental car service, you scroll through a transit app in NYC, like a dating service, and work with the owner to rent a car for a day or so.


The NYC subways can be an invaluable asset when it comes to accessing different points in the system, but for newcomers, it can also be quite difficult to navigate. Citymapper is designed to make this as simple as possible. You can take notes on the trains you use for morning and evening commutes, and quickly access saved itineraries. If you’re not used to taking the subway, you can also get notifications on when to get off your train. 

There are other benefits as well, from seeing nearby Uber and Citi Bike locations to even seeing how many calories you’ve burned during your trip. This makes for a true Swiss-Army knife of a transit app in NYC.

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy has one simple goal: to help you figure out the best part of the subway to stand on when it comes to leaving your train. For example, if you’re trying to get off at a certain stop, the app will tell you which car to stand at for the most efficient trip possible. This kind of advice is the type of insight only seasoned New Yorkers would know, but now, it’s at your fingertips. In addition, this is rigorously tested to make sure that it works underground at all times.

Google Maps

staten island ferry in upper bay of NYC against skyline of lower manhattan

No NYC transit app list would be complete without humble Google Maps. Not to be overlooked, the simplicity and accessibility makes it a great option. You can easily look at driving directions or mass transit routes for your next trip. Combine this with the ability to see local businesses and landmarks, and you can map out your entire trip in front of you. In addition, Google Earth images make it easy to get some visual support. In addition, for commuters, you also have the ability to look at any potential traffic or transit delays as soon as you turn on your phone.


With Moovit, the tech behind the app is almost as big a story as the app itself. With the transit information its users provide, it’s creating a “smart transit suite” designed to help provide cities with more information to improve their public transit systems with surveys, visual data, and movement analysis. Every time you use it, you could be making NYC a more efficient place.

For the short-term, you get a solid set of features. The “Best Way Today” function makes it easy to find the best route each day before heading out to your commute. You can also use an alert system to access Twitter feeds from every transit agency, to make sure you have the latest news.

MyTransit NYC

For frequent subway travelers, this app provides information you’re not likely to find anywhere else. One good example of this is the service rating score system. Since one subway line problem can cause a ripple effect, you can look at the service rating to see the overall “health” of the subway system at the moment. Another benefit is having a crowdsourced Twitter feed at your disposal. If you’re seeing a lot of gripes that day, you may want to consider an alternate transportation option.

man walking in a NYC crowded street while looking at his smartphone with his headphones on

Transit apps make it easier than ever for you to navigate for business or pleasure during your time in NYC. Now with getting to and from home figured out, perhaps you also need a “move-in ready” apartment for your arrival in NYC. Blueground offers turnkey apartments through Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn that can be rented from a month to over a year. For those relying heavily on the subway for their commute, you can rest assured that 88% of Blueground’s homes are found within a two-block walk of a subway station. Benefits that relocated individuals enjoy include: 

  • A neighborhood guide tailor-made to your apartment
  • Placing in maintenance requests on your current property
  • Scheduling laundry and cleaning services as needed

Be sure to use as many smartphone apps as possible for your traveling and renting convenience. Blueground already makes it possible to get short-term, fully furnished rentals in several major U.S. cities, New York City included. Have fun exploring New York as your new or temporary home with the help of tech by your side. 

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