The human body isn’t used to flying above the clouds. And after 100+ years of air travel, we’re still learning more every day about how it affects us.  

Yes, we all know about our ears popping and jetlag, but there are some lesser known effects of taking to the skies. 

Flying soon to one of Blueground’s thousands of fully furnished apartments around the globe? 

Check out these six ways your body changes mid-flight and get a few tips to make your time in the air as pleasant as possible. 

Bye-bye, taste buds

Man with tongue sticking out

Think your airplane food tastes bland? Low air pressure and humidity might be to blame.

These two factors cause less oxygen in your blood and dry out your mouth and nose, impacting both your sense of smell and taste buds. 

It all combines to reduce your sense of taste by up to 30%! 

Even stranger? Not all flavors are affected equally. 

Sure, sweet treats won’t taste as sweet, but savory foods may actually taste better while you’re flying. Weird, right?

Be sure to combat the air’s low moisture content by bringing your own empty, refillable water bottle and drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your trip. 

You can also look forward to treating your taste buds to one of these five plant-based meals once you’ve settled into your Blueground apartment. 

Breath mint, please

Breath mints

The reduced oxygen levels and low humidity we just mentioned offer another unwanted gift—bad breath. 

Due to dehydration, you produce less of your normal, antibacterial saliva. This leads to an unpleasant odor when you exhale. 

Chew gum or suck on a mint during your flight to enhance the amount of saliva in your mouth.

The tooth hurts

Woman with toothache

Ever heard of barodontalgia? Also called “flyer’s toothache” or “tooth squeeze,” this pain in the teeth happens due to pressure changes during a flight. 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen often. But if you have sensitive teeth or have experienced this kind of discomfort before while on board a plane, simply take a painkiller to help ease the symptoms. 

Swell, ain’t it?

People sitting on plane

If there’s one thing you can’t avoid while on an airplane, it’s sitting. Unfortunately, this can cause your legs, feet, and ankles to swell on multi-hour flights. 

That’s because staying seated for so long compresses the veins in your legs slightly, slowing blood flow. 

The solution to swelling? Rotate your ankles or stretch your legs as much as possible while still in your seat. And get up and move around when you have the chance. 

Also, remember to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing as this can add to the problem. 

Tummy trouble

Man grabbing stomach

Feeling gassy? Or suspect the guy in seat B23 is? Yet again, it’s due to pressure changes. 

As your plane climbs, the gas inside your intestines and stomach expands. This may make you feel bloated and have the urge to, um, release that pressure. 

It’s best for your body to let it out, which is why we suggest heading to the lavatory. Your fellow travelers will thank you.  

Another good idea is to forgo eating fatty foods and bubbly drinks before boarding your flight— sorry, burgers and mimosas—and drink plenty of H2O. 

Zit happens

Woman with pimple

The low humidity of air travel strikes again! This time though, it’s your face that’s at risk. 

That dry air (up to 45% less humid than normal) in an airplane cabin causes your glands to ramp up oil production. This oil then gets trapped under your top layer of skin, creating blackheads, inflammation, and breakouts.

Here’s the best routine for preventing pimples: Cleanse your face and moisturize before you fly, then wash it well when you land.

And don’t forget that we have partnerships with skincare and beauty brands to make your Blueground stay the best it can be. 

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

Have a nice flight!

Whether you’re using the Blueground Pass to hop between cities around the world or staying in one of our move-in-ready apartments for a month, a year, or longer, you may need to fly. 

Hopefully these tips and tricks will make this part of your journey enjoyable. We can’t wait to host you once you arrive!

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