The benefits of more exercise are hard to deny. In addition to giving you more energy, working out — whether it’s at a gym or in your apartment — has been shown to reduce stress. Of course, your home workout is only as much “work” as you make it. The key is to find an activity you enjoy.

Many of Blueground’s move-in ready apartments are located in buildings with state-of-the-art fitness facilities, but some people prefer the privacy and convenience of working out at home. We want everyone who stays in a Blueground apartment to feel like their best self.

Not all workouts are created equal, of course! Be sure to pick something that challenges you and gradually amp up the difficulty for maximum benefits.

Here are five great no-equipment required workouts that will get you in the best shape of your life!

app home workout

Train With an App

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to your fitness needs? Workout apps like Aaptiv and 8fit have workouts that can be customized to your fitness goals, as well as extras like meal plans, mindfulness programs, and tools to track your progress toward total health and fitness. Blueground guests are available for exclusive discounts on these apps, as well as other products and services designed to make life a little bit easier. Check the Blueground app for details on how to claim your discount.

dance home workout

Dance It Out

If you hate the idea of counting reps but want to break a sweat, a dance workout is the perfect compromise. Whether you prefer ballet, hip-hop, or Zumba, you’re sure to find the perfect class online.

YouTube is an ideal place to find your next dance guru. Not sure where to get started? We love Zumba France by Alix and the hip-hop and K-pop dance videos from Steezy.

walking home workout

Step to It

You don’t have to do cardio to get a great workout. Tracking your step count is a great way to start getting fit or to maintain your current fitness level.

But how many steps do you need a day?

The most common answer to that question is 10,000 steps – but that figure comes from a decades-old Japanese campaign to sell pedometers. A recent Harvard University study showed that women who got 4,400 steps per day had a significantly lower risk of premature death. I-Min Lee, the study’s author, stressed that 4,400 steps per day isn’t a magical number – the more you can move, the better!

There’s no need to buy a device to track your steps – your smartphone already does it for you. Start out by adding a 1,000-step walk to your normal routine, and work up from there.

Listening to an audiobook or a podcast while you walk laps in your apartment or your neighborhood turns this light workout into time for self care.

yoga home workout

Stretch Your Limits

Yoga is a great home workout, especially when you alternate it with days of intense cardio or strength training workouts.

More and more yoga studios like Brooklyn’s Lucent Yoga are offering online versions of their live classes. You can also find some amazing yoga teachers on YouTube. We love Yoga With Adriene!

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

Yoga apps are another way to perfect your form without needing to leave your apartment. Asana Rebel and Down Dog both offer wonderful variety for yoga lovers.

kickboxing home workout

Embrace the Sport of the Future

You don’t have to be Lloyd Dobler to appreciate the calorie-burning magic of kickboxing. This workout will get you sweating fast – and it’s great for toning your muscles as well.

There are a lot of great kickboxing videos on YouTube. We love this oldie but goodie 30-minute routine from Equinox to get the ‘ol heart pumping.

If you would rather go the app route, check out OOMPH, which combines kickboxing moves with high intensity interval training to help you get fit fast.

For optimal fitness, you could combine all five of these at-home workouts into a weekly routine. Just remember to include a rest day – your muscles need time to recover. However you decide to work out, be sure to give yourself props for making healthy choices.

student housing in a blueground apartment

Health and fitness are just part of the picture for a well-balanced life. Blueground is looking to improve the way people work and live with our flexible term apartments across three continents. Why saddle yourself with a year-long lease when you can find a move-in ready home where you can stay as long as you like? Find out more about the Blueground experience.

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