Board games are a great way to spend quality time with others, challenge yourself, or relax after a long day. And what can match the thrill of victory?

While you probably know some game-night classics — Monopoly, Scrabble, and Risk — there are lots of others just waiting for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re hosting friends in your fully furnished Blueground apartment or bonding with a loved one, here are seven of the best board games that you’ve probably never heard of.

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For Groups

A Fake Artist Goes to New York

Messy painter

If you enjoy Pictionary, you’ll love this drawing game made for groups of 5 to 10. It’s simple: Everyone is creating a picture together. However, one person (the fake artist) doesn’t know what the rest of the group is drawing.

Can the fake artist go undiscovered? Or will you figure out who it is? With a compact size and hilarious end results, this game is fun whether you can only draw stick people or are staying in New York to study art.

Ages: 8+ | 20 minutes

Deep Sea Adventure

Hello, fellow fortune seekers! There’s treasure at the bottom of the sea, and your job is to get it. Aboard a submarine, 2 to 6 players take turns diving to retrieve the riches, but be careful. You all share one oxygen tank.

If you run out of oxygen before returning to the sub, you’ll drop the treasure. And whoever has the most treasure after three rounds wins. So, will you take risks or play it safe? This easy-to-learn game comes in a a travel-size box, making it easy to store and take anywhere.

Ages: 8+ | 30 minutes

Scotland Yard

London police officer

The game is afoot! First published in 1983, this cooperative board game is set in London and perfect for 3 to 6 players. One player is a criminal mastermind who tries to avoid capture. The rest of the players are detectives, working together to track down the fugitive.

As the criminal tries to flee by taxi, bus, or underground, the detectives try to corner them before they can escape. A secondary bonus? By playing Scotland Yard, you’ll learn more about the layout of London, so you can enjoy your next stay in England’s capital even more.

Ages: 10+ | 45 minutes

For Couples

The Mind

How in sync are you with your significant other or best friend? Find out by playing The Mind. Made for 2 to 4 players, this game’s concept is simple: Play the numbered cards in your hand and the other player’s hand in order from smallest to largest.

The catch? No talking or gesturing. Just lock eyes with your partner and sense who is supposed to play the next card. As you reach higher levels, the game becomes more and more challenging. See if you can last all 12 rounds of this great date-night game.

Ages: 8+ | 20 minutes


Strategy? Check. Friendly competition? Check. Bugs? Check.

Hive is like a simpler version of chess, with each piece able to move in its own way. Your job? To surround the opponent’s queen while keeping your own queen safe. There’s no set up required and it can be played on any flat surface.

Ages: 8+ | 20 minutes

For Solo Play


Bird's eye view of San Francisco buildings

Test your skills as a city planner with Sprawlopolis. A blast to play by yourself or with up to 4 people, this compact card game can be taken as seriously as you want. It features just 18 cards, but can be played again and again.

Your mission is to build a city — connecting roads, deciding where to put parks, and designing it all to get as many points as possible. It may sound easy, but competing goals make it more difficult to create the ideal urban space.

Ages: 8+ | 15 minutes

Coffee Roaster

For the barista in all of us, there’s Coffee Roaster. It’s a laid-back game strictly meant for solo play that’s enjoyable whether you’re a java junkie or not.

During play, you select your coffee bean tokens (22 types!), roast them to the right level, and get the best flavor possible while avoiding items that could give your drink a bad taste.

The better the flavor at the end, the higher your score! And you’ll create a new brew each time you play.

Ages: 12+ | 10-30 minutes

Your move!

No matter which of these lesser-known games you try, you’re certain to have a blast playing them.

Each of our Blueground apartments is the perfect setting for fun at home. Because our move-in-ready spaces are thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort, so you can show up and start living. Learn more about the Blueground experience here.

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