If you’re working from home, have you put enough thought into your home office decor? Having a dedicated area to work in at home, separate from your living space, is essential for productivity. It’s also easier to switch on and off from work mode when you have a home office, rather than working from random spots in your apartment.  

Beyond a basic set-up of a laptop, desk and a chair, there are lots of home office ideas and designs that can turn your office into a beloved space to work in. If you’re moving around a lot or staying in temporary accommodation, it’s much easier to establish a home office if you opt to stay in a furnished apartment. Blueground’s apartments for month-to-month stays are outfitted with custom-designed furniture and a dedicated work desk, making beautiful bases to show up and start working at home in.


Alternatives to working from home

Often, working as a freelancer comes with the freedom of being to work wherever you want. A change of scenery from working from home can be found in a coworking space. Investing in this style of shared office space can provide social connections and professional contacts that boost your business. Most major cities have many coworking spaces that come with a readymade community and conveniences like meeting rooms and printing facilities.

home office ideas white desktop keyboard notebook and pen on a pink background

Sometimes a more ad-hoc change of scenery can be found in a local coffee shop or public space like a library. If you’re on a short trip for business, these can be convenient locations to work from and get to know the neighborhood. It’s also worth investing in some quality kit if you’re on the move. Look after your laptop with a stylish but sturdy laptop bag and keep up professional appearances with a nice notebook. Whether you’re having meetings or find yourself unexpectedly networking, first impressions count. If you want to overhaul your office space, here are some DIY ideas to update your home workspace to make you more productive and inspired at the same time.


Top five home office transformation ideas

Clear out and clean up

Start with a clean slate by doing a clear out of your current office space. Professional office spaces are often professionally cleaned and maintained. When you’re working from home, the onus is on you to take care of it. Once you have a clean space, you can aim to incorporate positive new habits for keeping your home office space organized and tidy. Such as keeping your space hygienic. Cleaning your electronic equipment once a week with a microfiber cloth and disinfectant is a good first step. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff in your office space. If you have boxes of documents and photos, review each item and back up the ones you want access to digitally with a scanner. You can shred or recycle any unwanted material and put original copies you need to keep in a more permanent place.

One of the clear principles to organizing is making sure everything has its own home. For example, baskets can be a great storage solution for magazines and books, and stationery supplies can have a zone on the desk in storage containers. It’s best to only keep items on your desk that you are currently working on to reduce the dreaded ‘desk sprawl’. Stick to your home office layout and tidy up at regular intervals.

Streamline your equipment

Get ruthless with your tech and identify what is outdated, unused, broken or antiquated. Once you have donated what you don’t need, start with going through each drawer of equipment you currently want to keep. Separate them and sort into smaller groups of similar things.

All your cables can be kept in one place, while user manuals, office supplies, or camera equipment can be in another. Utilizing unused vertical space can be a creative way to manage clutter in a small home office, using items like shelves and hanging organizers in smaller office spaces.

As much as technology has made our lives easier, it can also make a huge mess under the desk. There is no shortage of products that tame a tangled mess of cords, such as cable tidy tubes, cord holders, cable boxes and more. The age of the custom home office is here!

Lighting and furnishing

Lighting is an important element of home office decor. If you’re just working under fluorescent lighting it’s going to become draining. It’s better to use indirect lighting, with multiple lamps rather than one harsh light source. For focused tasks, it’s best to have an adjustable desk lamp.

home office ideas Blueground desk space in an NYC apartment. There is a wooden table with a laptop, a book and a lamp on it and a black chair in front of the chair. Next there is a floor lamp and underneath there is a white rug with black stripes.

Mirrors can reflect light and make a smaller space appear bigger than it is. To keep a space visually open you can opt for low profile furnishings and pieces that have open shelving. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in a chair it has to be a comfortable one. It’s also worth investing in other comfortable seating for guests or hosting a meeting.

Don’t make choosing a home complicated. Focus on the space you have available, the type of work you will be doing and the ergonomics so your materials and equipment are easily reachable. The fun part can be picking a particular surface or specific desk legs or trestles that fit with your style and overall home office design.

Practical accessories

A pretty and practical addition to a home office desk can be easy to care for apartment plants. Not only do they look pretty, but they also purify the air and freshen up space. Other chic but convenient desk accessories include small storage baskets and tray holders made in mesh, wire, or acrylic materials. The wall space next to where you work can also dress up a desk with a mood board, wall calendar or wire board to pinpoint elements inspiration or things to keep track of.


There are many ways to make a home office space more personal to you in a professional way. Individual ways to customize your home office can include the way your office smells. You can scent your home office space as you wish by using a scented candle or fragrance diffuser that you love. You can also incorporate inspirational quotes and photos or family and friends into a statement photo wall, taking care to frame and hang each item thoughtfully. The inclusion of a small bookshelf to showcase your library is also a timeless inclusion.

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